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John Rolfe (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are other outlandish gifts that an associate might give a copy center worker?
(a) Beer on St Patty's.
(b) Chocolates on Valentines Day.
(c) Dinner at their apartment.
(d) Lap dances at a strip club.

2. In the book, what company do Rolfe and Troob use to detail the word processing process?
(a) A telecommunications company.
(b) A cigarette company.
(c) Publishing company.
(d) Internet company.

3. How did Rolfe and Troob maintain a good relationship with the copy center?
(a) Taking them for joy rides in company cars.
(b) Visiting the workers on off hours.
(c) Inviting the workers to happy hour.
(d) Pizza, beer, and food on late night shifts.

4. Getting on the bad side of the copy center was ___________.
(b) Angered superiors.
(c) To commit career suicide.
(d) Put the workers in their place.

5. Why did Troob feel guilty about his behavior at the holiday party?
(a) He is tired of the debauchery.
(b) He had a serious girlfriend.
(c) He wants to experience New York.
(d) His parents are ashamed.

6. While recruiting for DLJ, what did Troob realize?
(a) He was lying as he had been lied to.
(b) He wanted to be promoted.
(c) He hated the way Rolfe was treated.
(d) He really did like his job.

7. What was always well received by workers at the copy center?
(a) Beer during the work day.
(b) Work at the last minute.
(c) Cash at Christmas time.
(d) Chit Chat.

8. What is the copy center responsible for?
(a) Prospectus printing.
(b) All pitch books, billings, inserts for the entire company.
(c) Handouts for meetings.
(d) Proposal printing.

9. On business trips for DLJ, what was Rolfe forced to do?
(a) Sit through hours and hours of meetings.
(b) Create presentations.
(c) Present important information.
(d) Run errands.

10. After both men left the company, how did they feel about themselves and their lives?
(a) Ten years older, abused, and used.
(b) Rejected.
(c) Matured and satisfied with life.
(d) Happy.

11. How much time could an associate expect to spend at work per week?
(a) 60 hours a week.
(b) 90 hours a week.
(c) Up to 100 hours a week.
(d) 35 hours a week.

12. What physically happened to Troob?
(a) Got grey hair.
(b) He lost his hair.
(c) Sprained his ankle.
(d) He rapidly gained weight.

13. How did Rolfe and Troob establish relationships with the copy center workers?
(a) Tried to be kind to the workers.
(b) Threatened to report them.
(c) They bribed the workers.

14. Why did Troob have to constantly cancel dates with his girlfriend?
(a) She cheated on him.
(b) Because of work.
(c) Rolfe forbid Troob to see his girl.
(d) Because he was cheating on her.

15. Performance reviews mark _______________ at DLJ.
(a) A new year.
(b) A time to reflect.
(c) The end of the year.
(d) A sad time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are most European investment banks headquartered?

2. How could DLJ find out about competitors' bonuses?

3. On a trip with DLJ, what must have back up?

4. What new job did Troob find?

5. Because the analysts and associates work so hard, what was never questioned?

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