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John Rolfe (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If the role of match-maker and consultant diminishes, what happened for the investment banker?
(a) Consults other investment bankers for a fee.
(b) He made less money.
(c) He hates his job.
(d) He shares commission with other investment banks.

2. What did the new employees all enjoy during the training?
(a) Getting to know their fellow associates.
(b) Being wined and dined.
(c) Learning more about DLJ.
(d) Seeing the sites of New York City.

3. Although both men promised themselves that they would have great jobs they were passionate about, they both ____________.
(a) Wait for investment companies they can trust.
(b) Get no job offers.
(c) Really wanted to work for DLJ.
(d) Were sucked into the money machine.

4. What were Troob and Rolfe not ready to do as they find out what there job will be?
(a) Stay late at the new job.
(b) Leave DLJ.
(c) Suck up to the supervisors.
(d) Ruin their morals.

5. While investment bankers jobs have stayed somewhat the same, what had changed?
(a) Bankers have expanded their job capabilities.
(b) SEC regulations.
(c) They no longer want to sell companies.
(d) More people have access to the inside scoop.

6. If a company wants to sell a subsidiary, what is the process?
(a) To contact several banks and accept the best pitch.
(b) They must petition the SEC.
(c) To use only one investment banker.
(d) Go through lawyers.

7. What do investment bankers work to secure for growing, flourishing businesses?
(a) Money and capital.
(b) Different, expanded office space.
(c) Sub mortgages.
(d) New employees.

8. What investment bank did Troob secure a job with?
(a) Lehman Brothers.
(b) DLJ.
(c) Anz Investment Bank.
(d) Barclays Capital.

9. John Wolfe attended _____ while Peter Trobb attended _______ Business School.
(a) Princeton; Yale.
(b) Washington University; America University.
(c) Wharton; Harvard.
(d) Brown; Stanford.

10. What was a perk of being a senior vice president?
(a) Meeting celebrities.
(b) Getting introduced to beautiful women.
(c) Doing little work with
(d) Huge salaries and more time to enjoy them.

11. What was exciting about the DLJ training in August?
(a) The associates were exposed to expense accounts and lavish lifestyles.
(b) The grads were traveled around the world.
(c) The associates learned more about the company.
(d) The graduates got to see New York City.

12. The fourth section of the pitch book did what of the following?
(a) Overviewed the health of the company.
(b) Offered the value of the company.
(c) Glorified the company.
(d) Gives the values of the investment banking firm.

13. How many summer associates worked at DLJ that summer?
(a) Nine.
(b) Three.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Fifteen.

14. How was one of Rolfe's friends able to get Rolfe a job?
(a) She used her charms to presuade a DLJ recruiter.
(b) She knew the recruiter and made a call.
(c) She already worked at DLJ.
(d) She asked her father to make a couple of calls to DLJ.

15. If a deal is brokered between a managing director and a client, what did this mean for associates and analysts?
(a) Celebrating and drinking.
(b) A very large work load.
(c) Company outings.
(d) Kissing up to the managing director with praise.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did summer associates get full time jobs?

2. What do top investment banking firms usually seek?

3. Depending on the size of the deal that the investment bank brokered, what fluctuated?

4. If the associate or analyst does not come up with enough support for the valuation, what happened to them?

5. What kind of working hours did Troob and Rolfe expect?

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