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Short Answer Questions

1. During the third stage of Erikson's theory of development, what may occur if an individual's initiatives or attempts at something continually fail?

2. According to Erikson in terms of active identity formation individual who now can say they know where they are going, what has occurred?

3. According to Erikson, what is the second stage of identity development?

4. What does Erikson state that childhood and youth predispose men to?

5. What does Freud's consciousness of inner identity include?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do social scientists attempt to narrow the term identity down?

2. Why might it be reasonable to think pathological and developmental aspects of identity?

3. Why does Erikson suggest that the second stage of identity development is a period of letting go?

4. What is Erikson feel that the process of identity formation is the process of increasing differentiation?

5. What is Erikson suggest it is a good thing that the term crisis no longer means solely a bad event?

6. What was Freud's focus of theorizing?

7. Why did William James refer to psychology as morbid psychology?

8. According to Erikson, why is early adolescents signified by feelings of initiative or guilt?

9. What does Erikson mean by the term psychosocial moratorium?

10. Considering group identity developing, in light of Erikson's stages of development, how do individuals make group decisions in order to ease the pressures of making difficult decisions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In his discussion of youth their identity development, Erikson references for virtue in terms of "inherent strength" and "active equality." What is the role of virtue in youth identity development? Discuss why virtue is a necessary component of this development.

Essay Topic 2

Erikson suggests that wholeness generates basic trust; however, the notion of a totalitarian state suggests indoctrination and control. Discuss how these two concepts wholeness and a totalitarian state coexist as means for the ultimate identity development. Use information from the book to support human characteristics that serve to allow a totalitarian as well as Erickson's notion that the totalitarian state is the state to end all states.

Essay Topic 3

Why does Erikson suggest that true intimacy can only occur after positive identity formation? What does this theory suggest about intimacy as a whole? What is the counterpart of intimacy and how does this play into the concept of intimacy and identity formation?

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