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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of self is clear when examining Freud's dreams?

2. What does Erikson believe is an intrinsic part of maturation?

3. In the early 20th century, totalitarian disposition is best understood as what?

4. After James' long identity crisis, what did he decide to be?

5. The ________ cannot coexist with the increase in advances in a technologically led culture?

Short Essay Questions

1. Rather than suggesting modern youth pathological what does Erikson youth to understand?

2. How does introjection help the ego grow in Erikson's theory of identity development?

3. According to Erikson, what is our earliest undifferentiated sense of identity?

4. What does Erikson suggest should our implicit scheme include in addition to growth?

5. According to Erikson what is necessary for a woman to form her identity?

6. What is Erikson feel that terms such as "I" or "self" are confusing?

7. What is Erikson state that is so difficult for black youth to find their identity?

8. According to Erikson, why is early adolescents signified by feelings of initiative or guilt?

9. Why does Erikson suggest that the second stage of identity development is a period of letting go?

10. According to Erikson, why are youth so sensitive to the identities of the past?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the history of race identity development in America and provide an explanation of the current state of minority identity development.

Essay Topic 2

In Freud's letter, he makes a comparison between positive identity and negative character traits. Why is this comparison significant? What does this suggest about identity? And do you think it applies today? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Erikson suggests that wholeness generates basic trust; however, the notion of a totalitarian state suggests indoctrination and control. Discuss how these two concepts wholeness and a totalitarian state coexist as means for the ultimate identity development. Use information from the book to support human characteristics that serve to allow a totalitarian as well as Erickson's notion that the totalitarian state is the state to end all states.

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