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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on Freud's theory of identity, Ego identity results in two actions, one of which is synthesizing the frontiers of the ego; what is the other action?
(a) Analyzing the frontiers of the ego.
(b) Completing identity.
(c) Merging self with the past.
(d) Merging self with the environment.

2. What do youth recognize the need for during Erikson's stages of identity development?
(a) Friends.
(b) Community.
(c) Loyalty.
(d) Family.

3. In terms of Erikson's theory of identity development, what is one notion that youth resist?
(a) The present.
(b) Youth do not resist.
(c) The future.
(d) The past.

4. What does Erikson suggest has led to the focus on women's position in the world?
(a) Their equality to men.
(b) They have spoken up.
(c) Economic and practical reasons.
(d) Their work as housewives.

5. Considering Erikson's theory of group identity development, what are cultures often led to do concerning their values?
(a) Absolutize them.
(b) Confirm them.
(c) Modify them.
(d) Give them up.

6. What type of groups, as proposed by Erikson, often play on the various needs of youth?
(a) Community organizations.
(b) Political undergrounds.
(c) Schools.
(d) Parents.

7. What does Erikson suggest is in the domain of the inter agency that produces a coherent existence?
(a) Environment.
(b) The ego.
(c) Ancestors.
(d) Biology.

8. What elements does Erikson suggest can be caused by the demand to develop a distinct identity?
(a) Split identities.
(b) Anxiety.
(c) Ego strength.
(d) Confusion.

9. What does Erikson say must not happen with strong black mothers?
(a) They must not be negatively stereotyped.
(b) They must not be so overbearing.
(c) They must continue their struggles.
(d) They must not be positively stereotyped.

10. Why does Erikson feel focus has moved to women?
(a) They are more than housewives.
(b) They have a lot to offer.
(c) They are equal to men.
(d) Threat of nuclear annihilation.

11. According to Erikson, what must be understood in order to define the ego?
(a) Genetics.
(b) Nature.
(c) Individual differences.
(d) Society.

12. Throughout the stages of Erikson's theory of identity development, what happens if youth do not take advantage of the wisdom elders have to share?
(a) Nothing.
(b) They may become isolated.
(c) They form distinct identities.
(d) They can not form their identities.

13. What do environmental counterweights of identity help explain in terms of Freud's theory of identity?
(a) Inner world of the ego.
(b) Society.
(c) Outer world of the ego.
(d) Self.

14. What does Erikson suggest occurs in institutionalized settings such as a hospital with regard to identity?
(a) Emergence of self.
(b) Development of oneliness.
(c) Conformity of identity.
(d) Desperation for identity.

15. How is Erikson's theory of identity consciousness overcome?
(a) When a sense of identity is achieved.
(b) Through self actualization.
(c) We are always conscious of our identity.
(d) When a person gives up searching for identity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two characteristics does Erikson believe are central to the female identity?

2. What does Erikson indicate many psychoanalysts think humans are predisposed to do?

3. What is the nature of psychoanalysis as viewed by Erikson?

4. Who does Erikson use as an example to discuss the identity of blacks?

5. Where does Erikson feel our self representations stem from?

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