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Freudianism - This theory had a deep influence on Erikson.

The Eight Stages of Man - This outlines psychosocial development.

The Ego - This is a set of active psychological motivations that integrate inner and outer perception and balance.

Ego Psychology - This theory understands individual development in terms of the development identity.

Identity - This is what is constructed at each period of life by the ego.

Identity Diffusion and Confusion - This occurs when an individual fails to navigate an identity crisis, instead veering into a negative reaction and losing one's sense of self.

Identity Crises - This occurs in each stage of psychosocial development as challenges to the ego's ability to integrate new experiences.

Somatic, Ego and Social Processes - Three processes, physical, mental, and social that interact in a complex fashion and together generate identity.

Fidelity and Diversity - These are needs of...

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