Daily Lessons for Teaching Identity, Youth, and Crisis

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Prologue)


Chapter 1, Prologue

Erikson introduces this book using a prolonged chapter dedicated to the issue of defining identity. In this lesson students will explore this issue and deepen their understanding of the practical and usable definition of identity.


1. Class Discussion: What is so difficult about defining identity? Why is identity a contextual concept? How has a devotee been defined throughout history? What is the significance of the difficulty in defining identity?

2. Group Activity: Groups will choose two fields of study and compare and contrast their definitions of identity. Group should consider factors such as the components of the fields of study they chose the focus of the fields and the importance of identity to these fields of study.

3. Small Group Discussion: Groups will discuss the importance of accurately defining identity. Group should also consider the following question: How does an accurate definition of identity helps scholars...

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