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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beth donates her leg and breasts to ___________ in "Christmas Means Giving."
(a) A research lab.
(b) A woman's shelter.
(c) A church.
(d) An animal shelter.

2. What was Jim Timothy's show about rednecks called?
(a) "Crackers 'n' Company."
(b) "American Idiots."
(c) "Eight is Too Much."
(d) "Oh, Susannah."

3. Jim Timothy says the best stories are what?
(a) True.
(b) Funny.
(c) Free.
(d) Sad.

4. Thaddeus Bristol compares the three wise men to what in one performance?
(a) Three amigoes.
(b) Three Stooges.
(c) Three birds on a fence.
(d) Three babies.

5. What does Jim Timothy call the marriage of mini-series and holiday special?
(a) Brilliance.
(b) Genius.
(c) Art.
(d) Disaster.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Thaddeus Bristol, what has no place in the theater?

2. How old is the child that the mother performed surgery on, according to Jim Timothy?

3. What does the narrator build so he won't be outdone by the Cottinghams?

4. What do the Cottinghams give the beggar the second Thanksgiving he comes along?

5. According to Jim Timothy the child whose mother performed surgery was dying of _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the great choice that Jim Timothy suggests the people of Jasper's Breath have in front of them?

2. What do the Cottingham's usually send out as a Christmas card?

3. Who is Jim Timothy?

4. What do the Cottingham's and then narrator give to the beggar starting on the next Thanksgiving?

5. What does Jim Timothy offer the members of the congregation if they help him?

6. How does the giving contest become gruesome in "Christmas Means Giving"?

7. How does Thaddeus Bristol rate Becky Michaels as a director?

8. What did Thaddeus Bristol have to say about the performances of Mary and Joseph in the Sacred Heart Elementary school play?

9. What does the narrator discover happens to his sons after he gives them to the beggar?

10. What happens one Thanksgiving when a beggar knocks on the narrator's door in "Christmas Means Giving"?

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