Holidays on Ice Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What reservations does David Sedaris have about wearing a costume for employment?

David Sedaris has reservations about wearing a costume for employment, particularly for the guys who dress up and pass out leaflets. He feels sorry for the guys who dress up as tacos or hot dogs. Sedaris once saw a guy dressed up as a camcorder on Lexington Avenue and thought that might be the worst costume to have to wear. He hopes that by working at SantaLand as an elf he is less likely to be mocked in a public department store.

2. What does the middle-aged Sedaris dream of doing?

The middle-aged Sedaris dreams of becoming a writer for the soap opera "One Life to Live."

3. What does Sedaris have to go through to be hired at SantaLand?

Sedaris has to fill out a ten page application and then go through a number of thorough intellectual, psychological, and physical evaluations to be hired at SantaLand.

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