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Lesson 1 (from The SantaLand Diaries)


The SantaLand Diaries

Sedaris plays a critical role in SantaLand as a dedicated elf, and he plays a crucial role as a storyteller as a clear-sighted, objective narrator. This lesson looks at the importance of voice to storytelling.


1. Class discussion: What is meant by voice in storytelling? How does the tone of voice change the story? Is there a difference between voice and narrative tone in literature? What is the difference between point of view and voice? What are examples of a distinct voice in novels or movies?

2. Research: Voice is the modern term for narrative persona. Research the classical origin of fictional persona. What did the masks represent in classical drama? What is the difference between narrative voice and the author in fiction? Why do you think some people confuse the two?

3. Small groups: Demonstrate different voices or ways to tell the same story...

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