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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In art, Aristotle defines the medium as what?
(a) The manner in which the art is produced.
(b) A middle state or condition.
(c) The average.
(d) The artist's spiritual inspiration.

2. Why does Aristotle believe that the main character of a tragedy ought to be a certain way?
(a) Because no one is perfect.
(b) Because the character's weakness ought to be the cause of his misfortune.
(c) People take pity on weak characters.
(d) A main character can become strong.

3. How does Aristotle say the different types of poetry emerged?
(a) Peers voted on their preference.
(b) From the personalities of different types of men.
(c) From non-fiction.
(d) The most talented poets decided on the different types.

4. Why does Aristotle consider the following error less serious than other types of errors: a poet represents a horse as being larger than any horse actually would be?
(a) Poets should not write about horses.
(b) Because it is only incidental to the real purpose of the poem.
(c) A larger horse is a metaphor.
(d) A larger horse is simply an analogy.

5. Aristotle explains that a sign is one of four types of recognition. What is an example of recognition occurring through the use of a sign?
(a) A character receives a psychic reading.
(b) A character recognizes another by a certain scar or birthmark.
(c) A character has a vivid dream.
(d) A character's action is interrupted by what seems to be divine intervention.

Short Answer Questions

1. In writing a history, Aristotle explains that one necessarily writes of actions which are what?

2. According to Aristotle, a great plot consists of an action that almost occurs, but doesn't because of what?

3. Aristotle asserts that the main character of a tragedy must have what?

4. The following is an example that Aristotle gives of what: a poet uses a general word to mean a more specific one?

5. What type of story does Aristotle define as "episodic"?

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