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Aristotle Philosopher 384 B. C. E. -322 B. C. E. Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist, was born in 384 B. C. E. in Stagira, northern Greece. He died in 322 B. C. E. He is considered one of the m... Read more
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Aristotelianism ARISTOTELIANISM is a school and style of philosophy that flourished throughout the Middle Ages in four languages and over three continents and that persists even now. Aristotle'... Read more
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Aristotle ARISTOTLE (384–322 BCE), along with Plato, was the greatest philosopher of antiquity. His influence on Western philosophical and scientific culture has been enormous, and even in the ... Read more
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Aristotle and the Founding of Biology Overview In addition to his great reputation as a philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) is also regarded as the father of biology and the first ecologist. Despite... Read more
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Aristotle. (Corbis Corporation. Reproduced with permission.) Aristotle 384-322 B.C. Greek Philosopher By any measure, Aristotle ranks as one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived. He complete... Read more
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Aristotle's Chemical Theory of Elements and Substances Overview Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) remains the single most influential philosopher in Western history. His theories of substance and accide... Read more
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Aristotelian Physics Overview Aristotle's (384-322 B.C.) Physics was one of the most influential pieces of writing in science. It defined the field of physics for centuries after it was collate... Read more
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Aristotle 384-322 B.C. Greek philosopher who is considered the most influential ancient philosopher of the sciences. Aristotle wrote founding texts in physics, astronomy, meteorology, psychology, and ... Read more
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Aristotelian Physics, Impetus Theory, and the Mean Speed Theorem Overview Prior to the seventeenth century, many of the most fundamental problems of physics concerned difficulties associated with loca... Read more
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Aristotle and Aristotelianism Aristotle (384–322 B.C.E.), born at Stagira, in northern Greece, was a philosopher and scientist, and a student of Plato (c. 428–c. 348 B.C.E.). The range a... Read more
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Aristotle (384-322 B.c.e.) Aristotle was born in northern Greece, in the town of Stagira, in 384 B.C.E. At seventeen, he went to Athens and became a student in Plato's Academy, where he remaine... Read more
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Aristotle(384 Bce–322 Bce) Aristotle was born in Stagira, a Greek colony in Macedonia. His father was physician to the Macedonian king, and the family had both a tradition of learning and conne... Read more
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Aristotelianism The question of what it means to be an Aristotelian—whether this requires adherence to a specific set of doctrines, a certain methodological approach, or the fulfilment of some ... Read more