Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Daniel Goleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hilda Bruch pioneered the study of eating disorders that identified the two-part cause. What was the first part?
(a) Girls with eating disorders were enraged and under stimulated.
(b) Girls with eating disorders felt ashamed and were unable to feel compassion.
(c) Girls with eating disorders could not distinguish one feeling from another.
(d) Girls with eating disorders were compassionate and uncoordinated.

2. What component of the brain remembers facts and context?
(a) The hippocampus.
(b) The neocortex.
(c) The amygdala.
(d) The olfactory lobe.

3. Psychologist Richard Davidson discovered a link between temperament and what?
(a) Pre-frontal lobe activity.
(b) The olfactory lobe.
(c) The hippocampus.
(d) The neocortex.

4. In a study by psychologist Martin Seligman, salesmen who were optimists sold how much more insurance in their first two years on the job than did pessimists?
(a) 52%.
(b) 18%.
(c) 37%.
(d) 76%.

5. Psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer define emotional intelligence into five categories. What is the first category?
(a) Motivating one's self.
(b) Handling relationships.
(c) Knowing one’s emotions.
(d) Managing emotions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Charisma combines four separate interpersonal intelligence components. What is the third?

2. According to the author in Part Four: Chapter 13, “Trauma and Emotional Relearning ,” what can help lessen the length and intensity of emotional responses or emotional hijackings, reshaping the brain to stand down from the constant state of emergency?

3. According to Dr. Charles Nemeroff, the sufferers of PTSD experience a numbing of pain thanks to a higher secretion of what?

4. Psychologist C. R. Snyder works at what university?

5. Emotions, like instincts, have helped humans survive by doing what, according to the author in Part One: Chapter 1, “What Are Emotions For?”

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