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Michael Harner
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Short Answer Questions

1. While in the Lowerworld on a journey to restore power, how will the shaman know if a power animal is ready to accompany the seeker?

2. Shamans typically utilize crystals as:

3. During their "dreamtime," Australian Aruntas often become what?

4. Particularly during the Inquisition, many Christian church leaders considered animal transformation to be what?

5. Among the Coastal Salish, animals that become human are called what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Jivaro know if a person has or doesn't have a guardian animal spirit?

2. Describe what Harner writes about the mythical past link between humans and animals.

3. Describe what Harner refers to as the "Calling The Beasts" ritual.

4. What does Harner recommend for novice shamans trying to communicate with guardian spirit animals?

5. In the power restoration exercise Harner presents for the reader, what is the participant told to avoid?

6. How can a shaman tell whether or not an individual has a guardian spirit?

7. Why should a shaman avoid trying to heal when he or she is feeling dis-spirited?

8. What is the bone game?

9. When was the book Natural Magick written, and what is it about?

10. Why does a power animal need to be danced regularly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the purpose of the shaman working with the following conditions or tools:

1. In total or partial darkness.

2. With drumming, chanting, and rattles.

3. Using plants.

Essay Topic 2

The author strives to show commonalities between the world's various shamanic traditions and systems.

Part 1) Describe spiritual and practical commonalities Harner describes between different shamanic traditions.

Part 2) Why do you think there are similarities in shamanism even between cultures that are geographically separated and have had no contact with each other?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the journey the author takes with Akachu, the Jivaro shaman, detailed in Chapter 1. Can you tell which parts of the journey are literal and which are figurative? What clues reveal the literary portions? The figurative parts?

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