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Michael Harner
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Short Answer Questions

1. How might a shaman be distinguished from other medicine men?

2. What does Harner suggest is the purpose of songs during a shamanic journey?

3. In "The Way of the Shaman," the author shows similarities between:

4. The author states that the humility in shamanism lies in what?

5. What does Harner point out about the Lakota Sioux and the Coast Salish tribes?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the Lowerworld, what do the shaman's wild plants morph into?

2. How can a shaman tell whether or not an individual has a guardian spirit?

3. Prompted by similarities he found in books and accounts about shamanic experiences, what did Harner decide to do in order to learn more about shamanism?

4. When was the book Natural Magick written, and what is it about?

5. Why should a shaman avoid trying to heal when he or she is feeling dis-spirited?

6. How do the Jivaro know if a person has or doesn't have a guardian animal spirit?

7. How did Essie Parrish, a California Pomo Indian, acquire her first power song?

8. Why does the shaman take the morphed non-plant forms into his body? How does this help the patient?

9. Who is Akachu, and how does he help Harner?

10. What are power objects, and what are they for?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Harner explains that in most shamanic cultures, it's important that people are woken up slowly. Explain why. Also, explain the connection between the belief that power animals travel and the reason for waking someone up gradually.

Essay Topic 2

Describe similarities middle-class Americans who try shamanism report regarding the portal to Lowerworld and their firsthand experiences in non-ordinary reality. Why does the author emphasize these similarities? What do they convey regarding the nature of shamanism?

Essay Topic 3

The author thoroughly explains numerous details of shamanism, but two areas he doesn't cover in as much detail are how and why shamanism works. Offer your own explanations to fill in the blanks. How do you think shamanism works? Why does it work?

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