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Michael Harner
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Short Answer Questions

1. The author shows that all religious traditions share:

2. Why does a shaman enter a shamanic state of consciousness?

3. Why is Harner afraid to take maikua?

4. One person who tried Harner's step-by-step guided journey exercise reported bringing back what by accident?

5. After a journey that lasts several days in the jungle with his companions, Harner is taken where?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Harner say that a shaman can be distinguished from other medicine men?

2. What are the main functions and activities of a shaman, as described in Chapter 3?

3. Describe the spirit helpers known as tsentak.

4. Explain the connection between an individual and his or her guardian spirit.

5. Describe Harner's journey with Akachu.

6. How and why is a shamanic state of consciousness (SSC) achieved?

7. Describe Harner's experience of spiritually going to a cave beneath a waterfall with a Jivaro shaman.

8. How old is shamanism, and what cultures have best preserved this practice?

9. What is the participant of the exercise in Chapter 2 instructed regarding the end of the journey?

10. How does a shaman take care of his or her tsentak?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

An important job the shaman does is restore power to a sick individual by retrieving his or her power animal.

1. Define power in the context of shamanism. What is its importance or value?

2. How does the presence or absence of power affect the health and welfare of a person?

3. How does a power animal help an individual? What happens when the person "loses" his or her power animal?

4. How does a shaman's act of retrieving a power animal help a patient?

Essay Topic 2

The author strives to show commonalities between the world's various shamanic traditions and systems.

Part 1) Describe spiritual and practical commonalities Harner describes between different shamanic traditions.

Part 2) Why do you think there are similarities in shamanism even between cultures that are geographically separated and have had no contact with each other?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the deep connection between animals and a shaman.How do the special talents associated with a specific species assist a shaman? Offer examples. Can a shaman do his or her work effectively if this connection was not in place? Support your answer with examples from the book.

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