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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a shaman successfully retrieves a patient's power animal from the Lowerworld, what's the next step?
(a) Waiting for the animal to befriend the patient.
(b) Asking the power animal to swallow the patient.
(c) Having the patient swallow the animal.
(d) Placing the animal on the patient's chest.

2. Harner presents one shaman's drawings of the tunnel to Lowerworld. What does it look like?
(a) Brightly lit opening with benevolent animals protecting the entrance.
(b) Concentric circles with crystals and humans falling through a hole.
(c) A winding chute that's wide at the top and bottom but narrow in the middle.
(d) A cavern with steps leading straight down.

3. Among the Coastal Salish, animals that become human are called what?
(a) The Human.
(b) The Transformer.
(c) The One.
(d) The Indian.

4. A shaman will blow a spirit animal into a patient through:
(a) The nose or the mouth.
(b) The chest or the back of the head.
(c) The solar plexus.
(d) The forehead.

5. What is the most famous method of acquiring a guardian animal spirit?
(a) Astral vision.
(b) Vision quest.
(c) Consciousness quest.
(d) Rock seeing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before trying to retrieve a power animal, the shaman needs what?

2. The shamans among Scandinavian Laps often become what?

3. According to the author, restoring power requires restoring or acquiring what?

4. A shocked power animal may do what?

5. What position does Harner recommend for a beginning shaman learning power restoration techniques?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does a shaman do upon successfully retrieving a power animal for a patient?

2. When was the book Natural Magick written, and what is it about?

3. What might a restless or shocked power animal do?

4. How does a shaman obtain a power song needed to retrieve a power animal?

5. How do the Jivaro know if a person has or doesn't have a guardian animal spirit?

6. What is a vision quest?

7. Describe what Harner refers to as the "Calling The Beasts" ritual.

8. How did Essie Parrish, a California Pomo Indian, acquire her first power song?

9. What connection does a patient often have with a returned spirit animal?

10. What does Harner recommend for novice shamans trying to communicate with guardian spirit animals?

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