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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Coastal Salish wear masks and dance their spirit guardians, what does Harner call this practice?
(a) Dancing with the Beasts.
(b) Calling the Beasts.
(c) Dancing with the Spirits.
(d) Calling the Spirits.

2. For the Jivaro, where do guardian spirits reside primarily?
(a) At the hips.
(b) In each ear.
(c) Behind the eyes.
(d) In the chest.

3. Harner writes in Chapter 5 that power helps a person resist or dispel what?
(a) Disease.
(b) Low energy.
(c) Curses.
(d) Malignant thoughts.

4. Frequently, a patient has bonded with his or her power animal in:
(a) The spirit world.
(b) Childhood.
(c) A previous lifetime.
(d) Early adulthood.

5. Often, a patient already has the following with a returned power animal:
(a) A spiritual bridge.
(b) An unusual connection.
(c) An agreement.
(d) A pre-determined destiny.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what form will an apprentice shaman see an animal upon entering Lowerworld during the power restoration exercise?

2. When the apprentice shaman emerges from the tunnel and enters Lowerworld, what animal does Harner say the participant will never see?

3. When the shaman has a question, the guardian spirit animal may answer it by:

4. In some traditions, how is a quartz crystal recharged?

5. When a shaman delivers the spirit of a power animal into the patient, he or she also:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Harner refers to as the "Calling The Beasts" ritual.

2. What does a shaman do upon successfully retrieving a power animal for a patient?

3. Why should a shaman avoid trying to heal when he or she is feeling dis-spirited?

4. Why does a power animal need to be danced regularly?

5. Describe what the author says about being able to restore power to a patient from a distance.

6. How does a shaman obtain a power song needed to retrieve a power animal?

7. What connection does a patient often have with a returned spirit animal?

8. What does Harner recommend for novice shamans trying to communicate with guardian spirit animals?

9. In the power restoration exercise Harner presents for the reader, what is the participant told to avoid?

10. Give a brief summary of the exercise the author presents to the reader on how to dance one's animal guardian spirit.

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