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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Among the Coastal Salish, animals that become human are called what?
(a) The Human.
(b) The Indian.
(c) The One.
(d) The Transformer.

2. Often, a patient already has the following with a returned power animal:
(a) An agreement.
(b) A spiritual bridge.
(c) An unusual connection.
(d) A pre-determined destiny.

3. After a novice receives an answer from a guardian spirit animal, what does Harner recommend he or she do?
(a) Test the spirit to make sure the answer is correct.
(b) Spend fifteen minutes meditating on the answer's meaning.
(c) Write down the answer as soon as possible.
(d) Move on to the next question.

4. After the power animal in the Lowerworld alerts the shaman that it is ready to accompany him or her, what is the shaman supposed to do?
(a) Close his or her eyes and float back up the tunnel with the animal right behind.
(b) Clasp the animal to the chest and, with the other hand, rattle quickly.
(c) Bow down humbly and respectfully request that the animal accompany him or her.
(d) Charge at the animal and chase it up the tunnel.

5. A shaman's quartz crystals typically are hidden from what?
(a) Moonlight.
(b) Spirit guides.
(c) Sun's rays.
(d) Tribal leaders.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the author say dancing is an effective way to keep one's animal close?

2. What position does Harner recommend for a beginning shaman learning power restoration techniques?

3. Where can a shaman go to retrieve a lost power animal?

4. Power practice involves the use of power objects, which almost always are:

5. When the shaman has a question, the guardian spirit animal may answer it by:

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Harner refers to as the "Calling The Beasts" ritual.

2. What is the bone game?

3. How do the Jivaro know if a person has or doesn't have a guardian animal spirit?

4. What does Harner recommend for novice shamans trying to communicate with guardian spirit animals?

5. In the power restoration exercise Harner presents for the reader, what is the participant told to avoid?

6. How can a shaman tell whether or not an individual has a guardian spirit?

7. How does a shaman obtain a power song needed to retrieve a power animal?

8. In the power restoration exercise presented to the reader in Chapter 5, what typically happens when the participant goes through the tunnel and reaches the Lowerworld?

9. When was the book Natural Magick written, and what is it about?

10. What connection does a patient often have with a returned spirit animal?

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