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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Harner notes that in modern technology, quartz crystals are used in what?
(a) Radio transmitters and computers.
(b) Solar-powered panels and electric cars.
(c) Children's electronic toys.
(d) Atomic reactors.

2. Particularly during the Inquisition, many Christian church leaders considered animal transformation to be what?
(a) Laughable.
(b) Harmless.
(c) Sorcery.
(d) Empowering.

3. Shamans believe that lethargic, sick adults can be made well by what?
(a) Performing the dance of restoration.
(b) Visualizing their favorite animal.
(c) Regaining their guardian spirit.
(d) Journeying back to the source of trauma.

4. A restless power animal may develop what?
(a) A mean streak.
(b) A mental or physical illness.
(c) A weak connection with its person.
(d) Resentment towards the shaman.

5. In what form will an apprentice shaman see an animal upon entering Lowerworld during the power restoration exercise?
(a) Either living or made of stone, wood, or another substance.
(b) Always as a totem or charm.
(c) A nearly transparent form.
(d) In a hunting stance.

6. How does a guardian spirit animal encountered in Lowerworld often communicate with the shaman?
(a) Through a language spoken only in Lowerworld.
(b) By moving its body in an unusual way.
(c) By singing a song.
(d) Through the spirit of a deceased loved one of the shaman.

7. Shamans typically utilize crystals as:
(a) Transmitters of energy for health.
(b) Doorways into the future.
(c) Objects that pull out negative energy.
(d) Harnessers of the sun's energy.

8. Does a guardian spirit have the freedom to leave or stay at will?
(a) Only at night.
(b) It depends on the type of spirit.
(c) Yes.
(d) No.

9. When first communicating with a guardian spirit animal, what does the author recommend novices do before engaging in detailed conversations?
(a) Avoid eye contact so that the animal doesn't flee.
(b) Master simple yes-no questions.
(c) Listen to make sure the animal is ready to talk.
(d) Ask the spirit for permission to speak.

10. According to Harner, what are "big dreams?"
(a) Either recurring or extremely vivid dreams.
(b) Dreams that take the shaman to Starplanet.
(c) Hopes and aspirations for a better life.
(d) Dreams that take place in Lowerworld.

11. Before trying to retrieve a power animal, the shaman needs what?
(a) A power mask.
(b) Animal bones.
(c) A power song.
(d) Animal art.

12. Why does the author say dancing is an effective way to keep one's animal close?
(a) It exercises and honors the animal.
(b) Animals are attracted to movement.
(c) It creates vibrant energy the animal enjoys.
(d) Animals are hypnotized by the dancing.

13. What happens to a power object when it no longer moves a person emotionally?
(a) It is buried three feet underground.
(b) It is incorporated into a necklace.
(c) It is returned to nature.
(d) It is placed inside a rattle.

14. After the power animal in the Lowerworld alerts the shaman that it is ready to accompany him or her, what is the shaman supposed to do?
(a) Clasp the animal to the chest and, with the other hand, rattle quickly.
(b) Charge at the animal and chase it up the tunnel.
(c) Bow down humbly and respectfully request that the animal accompany him or her.
(d) Close his or her eyes and float back up the tunnel with the animal right behind.

15. Why does Harner state that it doesn't matter whether the animal that has appeared is fierce or gentle?
(a) As sources of power, guardians do not harm the possessor.
(b) The animal is merely a projection of the participant's imagination.
(c) The animal's qualities reflect the inner needs of the shaman.
(d) Guardians are bound by oath to never harm humans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some creation myths show with the passage of time, only shamans could:

2. In order for a shaman to restore power to someone from a distance, what does the author say is required?

3. Harner writes in Chapter 5 that power helps a person resist or dispel what?

4. Harner repeatedly emphasizes that not all shamanic experiences involve drugs and instead rely on what?

5. What should a shaman NOT do when feeling dis-spirited?

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