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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the author, restoring power requires restoring or acquiring what?
(a) Power animal.
(b) Guardian tree sprite.
(c) Guardian water spirit.
(d) Power rock.

2. Can non-shamans participate in shamanic rituals?
(a) Yes, in some traditions.
(b) Never.
(c) Only from a distance.
(d) Only women.

3. What should a shaman NOT do when feeling dis-spirited?
(a) Visualize clear light.
(b) Walk into the wilderness.
(c) Listen to a drumbeat.
(d) Attempt to heal someone.

4. Many traditions speak of the mythical past when animals could:
(a) Travel between worlds.
(b) Walk upright.
(c) Talk to people.
(d) Transform into other beings.

5. A shaman can be open to attacks when what is not present?
(a) Incense.
(b) Guardian spirit.
(c) Human companion.
(d) Animal totem.

6. In order for a shaman to restore power to someone from a distance, what does the author say is required?
(a) Great expectations and focused desire.
(b) Expert skills and advanced confidence.
(c) Great concentration and expert sight.
(d) Advanced intuition and much courage.

7. Harner writes in Chapter 5 that power helps a person resist or dispel what?
(a) Low energy.
(b) Curses.
(c) Malignant thoughts.
(d) Disease.

8. Does a guardian spirit have the freedom to leave or stay at will?
(a) Yes.
(b) Only at night.
(c) It depends on the type of spirit.
(d) No.

9. A shaman's quartz crystals typically are hidden from what?
(a) Sun's rays.
(b) Moonlight.
(c) Spirit guides.
(d) Tribal leaders.

10. When a shaman delivers the spirit of a power animal into the patient, he or she also:
(a) Blesses the animal.
(b) Blesses the patient.
(c) Tells the patient what the animal is.
(d) Tells the animal to cure the patient.

11. Myths and stories that have been passed down typically refer to:
(a) Individual animals instead of animal groups.
(b) Animal groups instead of individual animals.
(c) Individual hero animals.
(d) Animal groups possessing supernatural strength.

12. Before trying to retrieve a power animal, the shaman needs what?
(a) Animal bones.
(b) A power mask.
(c) A power song.
(d) Animal art.

13. Harner presents one shaman's drawings of the tunnel to Lowerworld. What does it look like?
(a) Brightly lit opening with benevolent animals protecting the entrance.
(b) Concentric circles with crystals and humans falling through a hole.
(c) A cavern with steps leading straight down.
(d) A winding chute that's wide at the top and bottom but narrow in the middle.

14. When the shaman has a question, the guardian spirit animal may answer it by:
(a) Shaking a rattle at different rates depending on the answer.
(b) Entering the shaman's mind and communicating answers telepathically.
(c) Tapping with its foot or fin once for no and twice for yes.
(d) Leading the shaman on a journey of experiences that ultimately answer that question.

15. While in the Lowerworld with a power animal, what does a shamanic exercise participant accomplish by shaking a rattle quickly?
(a) A deep trance state.
(b) Fending off ominous creatures.
(c) Hypnotizing the power animal.
(d) A quicker return up the tunnel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote "Natural Magick" in 1562?

2. While in the Lowerworld on a journey to restore power, how will the shaman know if a power animal is ready to accompany the seeker?

3. Where can a shaman go to retrieve a lost power animal?

4. What do the Jivaro see in someone who possesses a guardian?

5. Most cultures believe that a shaman can have how many guardian animals at a time?

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