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Michael Harner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Harner end his first shamanic journey exercise for the reader?
(a) Prolonged string vibration.
(b) Four sharp strikes.
(c) Wolf howl.
(d) Sound of a bell.

2. In early experiences with the Conibo, Harner hears rushing:
(a) Water.
(b) Cattle.
(c) Wind.
(d) Trains.

3. What does the Jivaro shaman help Harner acquire?
(a) Advanced intuition.
(b) Tree guides.
(c) The ability to see beyond.
(d) Spirit helpers.

4. One person who tried Harner's step-by-step guided journey exercise reported bringing back what by accident?
(a) A healing code.
(b) A beneficial being.
(c) A message for a friend.
(d) A monkey spirit guide.

5. What does the Jivaro shaman give to Harner to drink?
(a) Fermented coconut milk.
(b) A substance made from the datura plant.
(c) The juice of the cacao plant.
(d) Water from a mystical underground spring.

6. When the shaman is in an altered state, how does healing take place?
(a) By restoring beneficial power or removing harmful power from the patient.
(b) By enabling the shaman to spiritually enter the patient's body and physically fix the problem.
(c) By merging the collective thoughts of everyone present.
(d) By allowing ghost healers to work through the shaman.

7. What is the role of amnesia in a shaman's rituals?
(a) It's rarely involved.
(b) It's always used on patients who've experienced trauma.
(c) It's an essential tool.
(d) It's shunned and never used.

8. Apprentice shamans sometimes report to Harner that they:
(a) Panic during the experience.
(b) Feel a sense of endless falling.
(c) Morph into other forms.
(d) See loved ones who have passed on.

9. What must the shaman feed his spirit helpers?
(a) Vanilla beans.
(b) Tobacco water.
(c) Coffee nectar.
(d) Ground allspice.

10. While working, why must a shaman remain lightly connected to the material environment?
(a) Because of having to move between realities.
(b) Because of the shaman's physical requirements.
(c) To harness the power of nature.
(d) To incorporate the properties of the material world into the cure.

11. What does the author encounter when he drinks maikua?
(a) Dangerous creatures.
(b) Winged benevolent beings.
(c) A frightening emptiness.
(d) Beloved pets he knew as a child.

12. At the conclusion of the rock-seeing process, after the shaman turns the stones around and examines all sides, what does the shaman do?
(a) Washes the stones in a stream and blesses them.
(b) Places the stones in his or her healing pouch.
(c) Drops the stones and reads information from their resting positions.
(d) Thanks the stones and returns them to their proper places.

13. Included in the reports from participants of Harner's first guided shamanic exercise are:
(a) Accounts of disappearing momentarily and not being seen by others in the room.
(b) Numerous cases of people experiencing nausea and vertigo.
(c) Suggestions on what to do when encountering an impenetrable obstacle.
(d) Detailed conversations with star people and other extraterrestrials.

14. Shaman's do not challenge the validity of someone else's what?
(a) Healing methods.
(b) Drug addiction.
(c) Authentic first-hand experience.
(d) Claims of being a shaman.

15. In his attempt to find spirit helpers with the assistance of a Jivaro shaman from Ecuador, what does the author do?
(a) He calls out to spirit helpers in the rainforest.
(b) He joins Jivaro in an out-of-body ritual.
(c) He repeats an ancient chant Jivaro teaches him.
(d) He spiritually goes to a cave underneath a waterfall.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harner suggest is the purpose of songs during a shamanic journey?

2. According to the author, who has a guardian spirit, whether recognized or not?

3. Shamans from Venezuela, North America, Australia, and other regions all report having similar what?

4. What do various cultures report noticing the shaman give off when in a shamanic state of consciousness?

5. Why do individuals need the protection of a guardian spirit?

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