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Michael Harner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Discovering the Way.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To learn more about shamanism, what does Harner do?
(a) Enrolls in a class on shamanism at his community college.
(b) Assembles a team of seven shamans from every corner of the world.
(c) Asks the oldest shaman in the world to mentor him.
(d) Lives among tribal people to learn their shamanic ways.

2. In a drug-induced vision, Harner sees demons as:
(a) Faceless ghosts.
(b) Beetles.
(c) Reptiles.
(d) Fish with teeth.

3. Why does Harner say it's important that the shaman does not tell the patient's family that he already has the ordinary form of the spirit in his mouth?
(a) The symbolic act of expelling the ordinary form is part of the ritual rather than the actual act that removes the intruder spirit.
(b) It will frighten the family, and this fear will work against the energies applied by the shaman.
(c) The family should not know what is happening to the patient without the patient's explicit permission.
(d) The physical manifestation that has infected the patient will read the family's thoughts, rendering the cure useless.

4. Harner claims that when he shared his vision of dragon-like creatures that appeared from outer space with another shaman, that person:
(a) Immediately recognized the creatures.
(b) Did not understand the significance of the creatures.
(c) Warned Harner to stay away from the creatures.
(d) Explained the creatures represent suppressed desires.

5. What does the Jivaro shaman help Harner acquire?
(a) The ability to see beyond.
(b) Spirit helpers.
(c) Advanced intuition.
(d) Tree guides.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Harner afraid to take maikua?

2. What does Harner point out about the Lakota Sioux and the Coast Salish tribes?

3. In "The Way of the Shaman," the author shows similarities between:

4. Harner writes that in non-ordinary reality, spirit helpers appear as what?

5. What is the name of the Jivaro shaman Harner works with?

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