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Michael Harner
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Power Animals.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a power animal becomes human through a magical transformation, the animal becomes what for the shaman?
(a) The alter ego.
(b) The deliverer.
(c) The messenger.
(d) The truth.

2. How does the author describe his world during a shamanic state of consciousness?
(a) "Mildly disturbing, and an incredible trip."
(b) "New, and yet familiarly ancient universe."
(c) "Marvelous, infinite, otherworldly."
(d) "Simultaneously familiar, unfamiliar, and complete."

3. What does Harner point out about the Lakota Sioux and the Coast Salish tribes?
(a) Shun the practice of shamanism and instead pass down stories from one generation to the next.
(b) Were the first tribes known to practice shamanism.
(c) Are the best natural healers in the world.
(d) They achieve altered states of consciousness without using hallucinogenic substances.

4. How does the 1562 book, "Natural Magick," make reference to shamans?
(a) It lists every reference to shamanic rituals and practices known at the time.
(b) It warns the church to stay clear of shamans or burn in hell.
(c) It encapsulates knowledge of the shaman-animal metamorphosis.
(d) It condemns shamans as charlatans and evildoers.

5. How do the Conibo access the Lowerworld?
(a) Through secret holes dug by their ancestors.
(b) Riding on the backs of patagonian capybaras.
(c) By chanting and dancing all night in front of a fire.
(d) Using a giant catahua tree root system.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do shamans use their guardian spirits?

2. What are guardian spirits called in Siberia?

3. How old is shamanism estimated to be?

4. In stories of Coyote or Raven, for example, the shaman's connection with the guardian spirit is with what?

5. What do the Jivaro do so that newborns can see their guardians?

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