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Michael Harner
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Power Animals - These are Native North American guardian spirits often used to connect the shaman with non-ordinary powers.

Ayahuasca - This is a plant yielding a hallucinogen that aids in shamanic visions and is used by various tribes, including the Conibo.

Maikua - This is a particular species used for visions by tribes such as the Jivaro.

Tsentsak - These are magical darts, or spirit helpers, used by the Jivaro to cause and cure illness in daily life.

Shamanic Enlightenment - This is the literal and metaphysical ability to lighten the darkness.

Spirit Helpers - These are minor powers who normally have specialized functions and bring strength of power in numbers.

Lowerworld - This is visited by shamans and lies beneath the earth in non-ordinary reality.

Power Song - This is used by shamans to wake the guardians and helpers.

Dancing the Guardian Spirit - This...

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