Daily Lessons for Teaching The Way of the Shaman

Michael Harner
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1, Discovering the Way The author tries to show commonalities between shamanistic traditions from different cultures to authenticate shamanism. The objective of this lesson is to explore common experiences across various cultures not connected to each other to see how these similarities validate the practice of shamanism.

1. Class Discussion: What is shamanism? How does the author explore shamanism in his book? How did he learn the information he presents? In his research, what did he learn about shamanic practices around the world? Where is shamanism practiced? What are some of the similarities he saw in shamanic traditions between different cultures? What does he make of these similarities?

2. Writing Assignment: Review Chapter 1. Write a list of all the similarities Harner notes in the shamanic traditions and practices of different cultures.

3. For homework: Briefly research three of the shamanic cultures Harner mentions in Chapter 1. Then write a short...

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