The Way of the Shaman Character Descriptions

Michael Harner
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This person academically investigates the concepts of shamanism and personally becomes immersed in shamanic cultures in North America, South America, and Mexico. This person is adept at showing similarities between shamanism and science.


This person is a writer who introduces Westerners to shamanism and its principles, and is most famous for books on the teachings of Don Juan. This person acts as a bridge between traditional shamanic traditions and Western thought.

Conibo Indians

This is a group of peaceful Peruvian Amazonians with whom one of the characters sees the origin of human life through a near-death experience.

Jivaro Indians

This group is an Ecuadorian Andes tribe with whom one of the characters lives while studying their shamanic traditions.


This person is a Jivaro shaman who guides one of the characters in acquiring spirit helpers.


This person is a scholar of shamanism quoted extensively by...

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