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Will Durant
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Like Aristotle, what does Bacon see needs to be removed to avoid revolution?
(a) the right to bear arms
(b) the ownership of private property
(c) the right to vote
(d) issues that cause poverty and discontent

2. What does Socrates ask Cephalus to define?
(a) the best form of government
(b) the meaning of the word moral
(c) the blessing he receives from education
(d) the greatest blessing he receives from wealth

3. What do the concepts of praise or blame indicate according to Aristotle?
(a) the need for athletic contests
(b) moral responsibility and free will
(c) a way of avoiding responsibility
(d) disagreements in society

4. What is said to change Plato's life?
(a) his friendship with Philip of Macedon
(b) his defection from the army
(c) his time spent in Egypt
(d) his meeting with Socrates

5. At first, what medium does Voltaire use to give humorous expression to his ideas?
(a) essays
(b) short novels
(c) short plays
(d) anonymous letters

Short Answer Questions

1. Reducing everything through the Socratic Method, what do Socrates and Cephalus agree to discuss?

2. What is Spinoza's second book?

3. What is lacking in Aristotle's philosophy that is so evident in Plato's?

4. What does Plato say is a science and art one must live and prepare for?

5. To what end does Socrates develop his Socratic Method?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Voltaire's reaction to Rousseau's suggestion that men were responsible for the deaths in the Lisbon earthquake?

2. How does Durant see the evolution of stoicism into the Christian religion?

3. What is a common criticism of Voltaire?

4. what methodology marks a difference in the thought processes of Plato and Aristotle?

5. Describe the mathematical form of Spinoza's approach to his philosophy.

6. Describe Aristotle's idea of what a man's goal in life should be.

7. Why is Aristotle's philosophy often criticized as dry and uninteresting?

8. How does Plato see population as a political problem of war that can be controlled?

9. Describe Spinoza's synonymous dichotomies.

10. How can Voltaire's life be compared to that of socrates?

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