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Will Durant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Voltaire think what is wrong with most recorded history could be corrected?
(a) history should only be written by scientists
(b) only philosophers should write history
(c) only scholars should write history
(d) history should be forgotten

2. Although science and philosophy exists in Greece before their times, who were the teachers who greatly advanced the fields?
(a) Aristotle and Onassis
(b) Playto and Prothagorus
(c) Socrates and Plato
(d) Aristotle and Socrates

3. Who are Francis Bacon's relative that cause it to be said that his political career began at his birth in 1561?
(a) leaders of the Church of England
(b) aristocrats from Spain and the Netherlands
(c) well-placed English aristocrats
(d) pretenders to the English throne

4. What circumstance does Spinoza say keeps the racial existence of the Jews?
(a) 3,500 years of Jewish tradition
(b) persecution by Christians
(c) Jewish schools of higher education
(d) having no land to call their own

5. Reducing everything through the Socratic Method, what do Socrates and Cephalus agree to discuss?
(a) the meaning of philosophy
(b) the meaning of justice
(c) the meaning of war
(d) the meaning of happiness

6. What is lacking in Aristotle's philosophy that is so evident in Plato's?
(a) a good use of rhetoric
(b) a means of testing
(c) a clear objective
(d) a reforming zeal

7. What does Voltaire's father tell him will come from an education in literature?
(a) make him a great author
(b) make him useless to society
(c) make him indispensible to society
(d) make him a bookworm

8. How does Spinoza explain references to God's halting the natural function of nature on several occasions in the Bible?
(a) those are allegories of God's power
(b) God and the processes of nature are one
(c) the meaning is not clear in the scripture
(d) things like that spring from traditions

9. When does Plato return to Athens and begin to write?
(a) at the age of thirty while touring the middle east
(b) at the age of twenty-eight when Socrates dies
(c) at the age of fifty in 397 B. C.
(d) at the age of forty in 387 B.C.

10. To answer Rousseau, what satirical story does Voltaire write about the best of all possible worlds?
(a) The Misanthrope
(b) Utopia
(c) Atlantis
(d) Candide

11. Who are the students of Socrates?
(a) a mixed group of young learned men
(b) the sons of the Athenian elite
(c) the leaders of the athenian democracy
(d) misfits of society

12. To what end does Socrates develop his Socratic Method?
(a) to open a private university
(b) to perfom biological experiments
(c) to impress the multitudes
(d) to test the assumptions of his pupils

13. What does Voltaire include in his histories?
(a) art and not science
(b) customs and not laws
(c) society, not just wars
(d) people and not dates

14. How far is Alexander able to spread Greek culture?
(a) into Persia
(b) all over the world
(c) into Egypt
(d) into Asia Minor

15. How does Spinoza find himself after asking questions about Jewish and Christian beliefs?
(a) promoted to head philosopher
(b) left without a source of income
(c) honored as a great thinker
(d) excommunicated from the synagogue

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates ask Cephalus to define?

2. What, according to Spinoza, is scripture intended to promote?

3. Where is a meeting held to discuss the Republic?

4. What does Plato say early education should do?

5. What does Democritus claim that Aristotle disagrees with?

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