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Will Durant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Voltaire's father tell him will come from an education in literature?
(a) make him indispensible to society
(b) make him a great author
(c) make him useless to society
(d) make him a bookworm

2. At his birth in 384 B.C., into what kind of family is Aristotle born?
(a) a military family
(b) a family of philosophers
(c) a family of travelers
(d) a medical family

3. What becomes the unifying element in Plato's description of justice?
(a) the sharing of the wealth
(b) the welfare of the group
(c) the good of the children
(d) the quality of the laws

4. To answer Rousseau, what satirical story does Voltaire write about the best of all possible worlds?
(a) The Misanthrope
(b) Candide
(c) Utopia
(d) Atlantis

5. How far is Alexander able to spread Greek culture?
(a) into Persia
(b) all over the world
(c) into Egypt
(d) into Asia Minor

6. What does the King of Syracuse learn that causes him to cancel his invitation to Plato to organize Utopia?
(a) that he will have to work for a living
(b) that he must leave his throne
(c) that he must share his wealth
(d) that Plato is unpopular in Athens

7. What does Democritus claim that Aristotle disagrees with?
(a) the soul is temporary
(b) there is no such thing as soul
(c) the soul is material
(d) the soul is imaginary

8. What does Aristotle establish in Athens?
(a) a school of oratory
(b) a system of exchange
(c) a political party
(d) a scientific museum

9. How old is Francis Bacon when he resolves to turn philosophy from scholastic arguments to illumination and increase of human good?
(a) age sixteen
(b) age twenty-four
(c) age thirty
(d) age fifty

10. What does Bacon suggest should be observed similar to Machiavellian philosophy?
(a) who has the most power
(b) what men do rather than what they should do
(c) the futility of the aristocratic form of government
(d) how to discipline the masses

11. What does Baruch Spinoza begin to feel about his traditional Jewish education?
(a) confused by different interpretations of the Torah
(b) tired with how long it takes
(c) unsatisfied with answers he gets in the synagogue
(d) fulfilled educationally

12. What is said to change Plato's life?
(a) his meeting with Socrates
(b) his time spent in Egypt
(c) his friendship with Philip of Macedon
(d) his defection from the army

13. In what work does Voltaire discuss the morals and spirit of the nations from Charlemagne to Louis XIII?
(a) The Short Novels
(b) The Essay on Morals
(c) The Romances
(d) The History of Morals

14. What are two theories from the Orient that gain acceptance in Greece?
(a) Polytheism and atheism
(b) Confucianism and communism
(c) Stoicism and Epicureanism
(d) Buddhism and Hinduism

15. In what way is Bacon's reconstruction thought superior to that of Aristotle?
(a) less detailed, evolving slowly
(b) less idealistic and more severe
(c) more flexible for the people
(d) more practical than theoretical

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first of four books written by Spinoza?

2. What does Spinoza call the highest knowledge of universal unity?

3. Where do metaphysics and the nature of God fit into Aristotle's curriculum?

4. What are the only three things worthwhile in Plato's ethical solution?

5. How is Plato's early life best described?

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