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Will Durant
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the students of Socrates?
(a) the sons of the Athenian elite
(b) a mixed group of young learned men
(c) the leaders of the athenian democracy
(d) misfits of society

2. What new philosophy uses faith and reason to force acceptance of untried assumptions and conclusions?
(a) Activism
(b) Scholasticism
(c) Martialism
(d) Fundamentalism

3. What natural calamity do European religious leaders label as the punishment of God?
(a) a volcano in Italy
(b) an earthquake in Lisbon
(c) a flood in Germany
(d) a fire in Rome

4. What philosophy does Bacon accept in his Essays?
(a) an Epicurean ethic
(b) a tendency toward Romanticism
(c) a Stoic position
(d) a Platonic ideal

5. Although science and philosophy exists in Greece before their times, who were the teachers who greatly advanced the fields?
(a) Playto and Prothagorus
(b) Aristotle and Onassis
(c) Aristotle and Socrates
(d) Socrates and Plato

6. What does Spinoza's Ethic do with Buddhism and Christianity, the philosophy of Machiavelli and Nietzsche, and the democracy of the Greeks?
(a) keeps them separate for different ethnic groups
(b) takes only bits and pieces from each
(c) throws them out in favor of his own ideas
(d) integrates and reconciles all three ethical systems

7. What does Baruch Spinoza begin to feel about his traditional Jewish education?
(a) tired with how long it takes
(b) unsatisfied with answers he gets in the synagogue
(c) confused by different interpretations of the Torah
(d) fulfilled educationally

8. In what work does Voltaire discuss the morals and spirit of the nations from Charlemagne to Louis XIII?
(a) The Essay on Morals
(b) The Short Novels
(c) The History of Morals
(d) The Romances

9. What does Aristotle devise to integrate the particular with the universal?
(a) metaphysical examination
(b) sophistry
(c) the syllogism
(d) the Aristotlean Method

10. Who are Francis Bacon's relative that cause it to be said that his political career began at his birth in 1561?
(a) pretenders to the English throne
(b) well-placed English aristocrats
(c) leaders of the Church of England
(d) aristocrats from Spain and the Netherlands

11. What is Aristotle's foundation of logic?
(a) the way to ask Socratic questions
(b) the art of listening
(c) the way to make a syllogysm
(d) the art and method of correct thinking

12. Why is Bacon often accused of being atheistic?
(a) because he seldom attends church
(b) because his philosophy is secular and rationalistic
(c) because he talks about natrue rather than God
(d) because he denies the authority of the Church

13. How is Plato's early life best described?
(a) a playboy and a religious fanatic
(b) an idle life and a failure as a soldier
(c) a comfortable athletic youth and a successful soldier
(d) a life of poverty and destitution

14. What does Aristotle define as the entire vital principle of any being?
(a) matter
(b) motion
(c) energy
(d) soul

15. What is a special element of soul in the human being according to Aristotle?
(a) a power to dream
(b) a power to dominate
(c) a power of reason and thought
(d) a power of understanding metaphysics

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes the unifying element in Plato's description of justice?

2. What, according to Spinoza, is scripture intended to promote?

3. At his birth in 384 B.C., into what kind of family is Aristotle born?

4. What biological notion does Aristotle reject?

5. How does Voltaire think what is wrong with most recorded history could be corrected?

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