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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Contemporary American Philosophers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who in Voltaire's life is the young wife of a French Marquis who is away with his regiment?
(a) his neice
(b) his secretary
(c) his mistress
(d) his muse

2. What question does Plato raise to lead into a discussion of Utopia?
(a) if democracy in Athens is working
(b) if everyone is satisfied
(c) if an oligarchy is an appropriate government
(d) if it is better to be good or to be strong

3. How does Voltaire think what is wrong with most recorded history could be corrected?
(a) history should only be written by scientists
(b) history should be forgotten
(c) only scholars should write history
(d) only philosophers should write history

4. What do the concepts of praise or blame indicate according to Aristotle?
(a) moral responsibility and free will
(b) disagreements in society
(c) the need for athletic contests
(d) a way of avoiding responsibility

5. How does Schopenhauer develop his blunt manner, realistic mind, and knowledge of the world and of men?
(a) his time in the military
(b) his exposure to business
(c) his frequent travels
(d) his informal education

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the students of Socrates?

2. What motivates Voltaire to accept Prince Frederick's invitation and travel expenses to join him in his court in Potsdam?

3. What does Aristotle teach at the Lyceum?

4. What event makes the rival schools of Stoicism and Epicureanism split philosophically?

5. What is the result of Spencer's considering philosophy a generalization of all science?

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