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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Voltaire and the French Enlightenment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is something Voltaire is noted for with his critics?
(a) ignoring his enemies
(b) destroying enemies with a pen
(c) suing his enemies in court
(d) challenging his enemies to duels

2. Who suggests that men are at fault because they chose to live in houses in cities?
(a) Voltaire
(b) Frederick
(c) Bacon
(d) Rousseau

3. Where is Francois Arouet when he starts using the pen name, Voltaire?
(a) imprisoned in the Bastille
(b) recuperatiing from cholera
(c) studying at Oxford
(d) sailing to the Americas

4. Who are Francis Bacon's relative that cause it to be said that his political career began at his birth in 1561?
(a) pretenders to the English throne
(b) well-placed English aristocrats
(c) leaders of the Church of England
(d) aristocrats from Spain and the Netherlands

5. To answer Rousseau, what satirical story does Voltaire write about the best of all possible worlds?
(a) The Misanthrope
(b) Utopia
(c) Atlantis
(d) Candide

Short Answer Questions

1. Eventually what does Alexander's conquests in Asia open up to the Greeks?

2. In what way is Bacon's reconstruction thought superior to that of Aristotle?

3. What comprises Plato's writing style?

4. In what work does Voltaire discuss the morals and spirit of the nations from Charlemagne to Louis XIII?

5. What happened after Spinoza dispensed with faith?

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