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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aristotle and Greek Science.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At his birth in 384 B.C., into what kind of family is Aristotle born?
(a) a military family
(b) a family of travelers
(c) a family of philosophers
(d) a medical family

2. What is one result of Aristotle's prolific output of writing?
(a) a definitive answer to all philosophical questions
(b) an error free reference library
(c) a need to build larger libraries
(d) a large amount of errors

3. What does Plato say early education should do?
(a) indoctrinate
(b) form good habits
(c) teach logistics
(d) only amuse

4. What does Aristotle devise to integrate the particular with the universal?
(a) sophistry
(b) metaphysical examination
(c) the Aristotlean Method
(d) the syllogism

5. Where is a meeting held to discuss the Republic?
(a) at the Acropolis
(b) at the house of a wealthy aristocrat, Cephalus
(c) in the Parthenon
(d) at the Lyceum

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes the unifying element in Plato's description of justice?

2. What is the foundation of Plato's Republic?

3. What does Aristotle establish in Athens?

4. What is Aristotle's foundation of logic?

5. Although science and philosophy exists in Greece before their times, who were the teachers who greatly advanced the fields?

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