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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Aristotle and Greek Science.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Reducing everything through the Socratic Method, what do Socrates and Cephalus agree to discuss?
(a) the meaning of happiness
(b) the meaning of philosophy
(c) the meaning of justice
(d) the meaning of war

2. When is Plato born?
(a) in the fourth century B.C.
(b) Ca 400 B. C.
(c) in the first century B. C.
(d) in the second century B. C.

3. How does every society and government ruins itself?
(a) by being too constrictive
(b) by enabling excess in principle
(c) by growing tired
(d) by letting down their guard

4. What does Plato say early education should do?
(a) only amuse
(b) teach logistics
(c) indoctrinate
(d) form good habits

5. What method do all the fields of study--science, discipline, art and music--use in common?
(a) rote memorization
(b) repetition of basics
(c) the art of logic
(d) questions and answers

Short Answer Questions

1. At his birth in 384 B.C., into what kind of family is Aristotle born?

2. What is lacking in Aristotle's philosophy that is so evident in Plato's?

3. What does Socrates ask Cephalus to define?

4. What is one result of Aristotle's prolific output of writing?

5. What do the concepts of praise or blame indicate according to Aristotle?

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