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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Spinoza.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is a meeting held to discuss the Republic?
(a) in the Parthenon
(b) at the house of a wealthy aristocrat, Cephalus
(c) at the Lyceum
(d) at the Acropolis

2. What does Spinoza suggest the aim of Biblical language is meant to do?
(a) to attract the imagination of popular minds
(b) to attract intellectuals
(c) to conceal great mysteries
(d) to compete with Greek mythology

3. What does Socrates ask Cephalus to define?
(a) the meaning of the word moral
(b) the blessing he receives from education
(c) the greatest blessing he receives from wealth
(d) the best form of government

4. To what does Spinoza change his Jewish given name?
(a) the English name, John
(b) the Russian name, Igor
(c) the gentile name, Benedict
(d) the German name, Hans

5. Why is Bacon often accused of being atheistic?
(a) because he denies the authority of the Church
(b) because he talks about natrue rather than God
(c) because his philosophy is secular and rationalistic
(d) because he seldom attends church

Short Answer Questions

1. What method do all the fields of study--science, discipline, art and music--use in common?

2. How does Spinoza explain references to God's halting the natural function of nature on several occasions in the Bible?

3. What does Plato say is a science and art one must live and prepare for?

4. What, according to Spinoza, is scripture intended to promote?

5. What question does Plato raise to lead into a discussion of Utopia?

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