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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Schopenhauer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Spinoza find himself after asking questions about Jewish and Christian beliefs?
(a) promoted to head philosopher
(b) honored as a great thinker
(c) left without a source of income
(d) excommunicated from the synagogue

2. What is Aristotle's foundation of logic?
(a) the way to ask Socratic questions
(b) the art of listening
(c) the way to make a syllogysm
(d) the art and method of correct thinking

3. What does Spinoza say a literal interpretation of the Bible does?
(a) gives it broader meaning
(b) makes it easy to understand
(c) gives no scientific evidence
(d) opens the Bible to errors

4. What does Schopenhauer say the intellect does but the will does not?
(a) works and needs direction
(b) tires and needs sleep
(c) talks and needs listeners
(d) reads and needs instruction

5. What philosopher and statesman does Francis Bacon aspire to be like?
(a) Seneca
(b) Copernicus
(c) Salon
(d) Cicero

Short Answer Questions

1. What new philosophy uses faith and reason to force acceptance of untried assumptions and conclusions?

2. Why does Schopenhauer's book receive little attention at first?

3. What does Aristotle define as the entire vital principle of any being?

4. How does Schopenhauer develop his blunt manner, realistic mind, and knowledge of the world and of men?

5. Where does Voltaire write The Romances?

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