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Will Durant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Schopenhauer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Francis Bacon when he resolves to turn philosophy from scholastic arguments to illumination and increase of human good?
(a) age twenty-four
(b) age sixteen
(c) age thirty
(d) age fifty

2. At first, what medium does Voltaire use to give humorous expression to his ideas?
(a) short novels
(b) essays
(c) short plays
(d) anonymous letters

3. What does Voltaire's father tell him will come from an education in literature?
(a) make him a great author
(b) make him a bookworm
(c) make him indispensible to society
(d) make him useless to society

4. What does Spinoza say the language of the Bible is?
(a) metaphorical
(b) magnatudinal
(c) mystical
(d) metaphysical

5. What is something Voltaire is noted for with his critics?
(a) ignoring his enemies
(b) challenging his enemies to duels
(c) suing his enemies in court
(d) destroying enemies with a pen

Short Answer Questions

1. What motivates Voltaire to accept Prince Frederick's invitation and travel expenses to join him in his court in Potsdam?

2. What does Spinoza call the highest knowledge of universal unity?

3. Although science and philosophy exists in Greece before their times, who were the teachers who greatly advanced the fields?

4. Who suggests that men are at fault because they chose to live in houses in cities?

5. What do the concepts of praise or blame indicate according to Aristotle?

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