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Will Durant
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Where the philosophical history of civilization and culture begins.


The most well-known city-state of Greece.


The Greek city-state that joins with Athens to overcome the Persians in battle.


The ideal city-state of Plato's imagination and theory.


A city in Macedon where both Aristotle and Alexander the Great are born.

The Lyceum

The school Aristotle forms in Athens, Greece, which teaches biology and natural sciences.

The Academy

The school Plato founds in Athens, Greece. Plato's work here includes teaching mathematics and speculative and political philosophy.


In 46 B.C. its soldiers take ideas they find in Greece back to their country along with their other spoils. Eventually, its wealth falls to poverty, disintegration, decadence, and apathy.

The Church

For a thousand years, it unites the European continent with a common faith and supernatural sanctions. Scholastic philosophy uses tools of faith and reason interchangeably to...

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