Daily Lessons for Teaching The Story of Philosophy

Will Durant
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Lesson 1 (from Plato)



The student will take notes on the literature of philosophy to begin the class.

The student will be able to outline the early life of Plato and the beginning of his writing.


Classroom activity:

1. Teacher lecture on philosophy must include a definition and brief history beginning pre-Socrates. Written philosophy is often presented in parable or satire and, as such, is not always a dry read. Plato may be used as an example of mixing philosophy into literary form. Voltaire is another. some information about Pulitzer Prize winning author Will Durant should be included. Allow time for students to ask general questions about philosophy.

2. Teacher guides the students to the section on the preparation of Plato to read in class. Following that the discussion thread includes: (1) Plato's association with Socrates. (2) Plato's reaction to the death of Socrates. (3) Plato's commitment to the destruction of democracy and...

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