The Story of Philosophy Fun Activities

Will Durant
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Take a walk with Aristotle

Leave the classroom as a group and walk around the school grounds observing whatever you come across to discuss its source, its make up, its use, etc.

Try the Socratic Method

Play a game in which you try to get someone to agree with you by asking them questions which lead to acceptance of your idea.

Make a philosophers display

Make copies of drawings or photographs (for the 19th and 20th century people) of the philosophers studied in the course to display in the classroom.

Perform a scene

Select a scene from Candide by Voltaire and perform it in class. Be sure the scene includes the famous line--the best of all possible worlds.

Hold a mock debate

Present the opinions of religious people who assign natural disasters as punishments from God and scientists who demonstrate the natural causes of such disasters.

One sentence philosophy

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