The Story of Philosophy Character Descriptions

Will Durant
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Socrates - Born in 469 B.C. and dies 399 B.C., he is condemned as a corrupter of youth and executed by drinking poisonous hemlock.

Plato - In addition to the DIALOGUES, he writes THE REPUBLIC and devises the Utopia, an ideal world ruled by unselfish rulers who are raised to act as guardians only in the interest of their governed people.

Aristotle - Aristotle forms a school of oratory in Athens and is later invited to join the court. Philip King of Macedon calls him to teach Alexander, his grandson who later becomes Alexander the Great.

Francis Bacon - He is considered the most powerful mind of modern times as he announces Europe's coming of age. He dies of heart disease at 65 in 1626.

Baruch Spinoza - He concludes that the object of philosophy is to perceive unity in diversity, mind in matter, and matter in mind. He...

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