The Story of Philosophy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Will Durant
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• Socrates influence over the young men of Athens who uses his method to raise questions resulting in what becomes the root of European philosophy.

• Plato, a young aristocrat, comes under the influence of Socrates and is stricken by his death.

• Plato becomes committed to the destruction of democracy and supports rule of state by the wisest and best. Plato also is suspected by democratic leaders.

• Plato returns for exile and begins to write in 387 B.C. in a style that combines philosophy and poetry, science, and art.
• The Dialogue on The Republic includes Socrates asking questions in the house of the wealthy aristocrat Cephalus.

• Plato guides the questions until the conclusion for the best government is Utopia with a ruling philosopher-king.

• Plato concludes that political problems continue because man is not content with a simple life, driven to acquisition by greed and luxury.

• The psychological problem of...

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