The Logic of Scientific Discovery Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Popper define a scientist?

Popper defines a scientist as an individual who suggests statements and tests these statements using a specific process. Particularly, a scientist will form a hypothesis and test it based on previous experience of personal observations of the topic in question. Popper further states that a scientist can be either a theorist or an experimenter.

2. What is the task of the logic of scientific discovery?

Popper suggests that the logic of scientific discovery is the process of analyzing the methods of science and scientific discovery. This should be accomplished using logic.

3. What does Popper classify as being inductive statements?

Popper suggests that inductive statements must be those that move from being a singular statement to a universal statement. A singular statement will be one that identifies the facts of observations of science. On the other hand, a universal statement will be one that offers a hypothesis, theory, or set of theories.

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