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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapter 1, A Survey of Some Fundamental Problems)


In this lesson, students will explore the topic of inductive logic as presented by Popper. Students will gain a better understanding of the definition of inductive logic, Popper's views on this type of logic, and their own personal thoughts on inductive logic.


1) Class Discussion: Engage the class in a discussion on inductive reasoning. What does inductive reasoning mean? Does Popper agree with this type of reasoning? How can inductive reasoning be applied to science?

2) Writing Activity: Write a short essay comparing and contrasting the various philosophies of science with regard to their use of inductive reasoning.

3) Group Activity: Divide the class into groups. Each group will review the reading and identify at least three problems Popper states occur when inductive reasoning occurs in science.

Homework: Write a short essay explaining your understanding of inductive reasoning. Do you side with Popper's view of other theorist? Why...

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