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Jean Shepherd
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Short Answer Questions

1. How is the Johnson Smith catalog distributed?

2. What did the narrator's father do first when he came home from work?

3. How did the narrator arrive at the correct answer to the equation in front of the Algebra class?

4. Ironically, the happy, family, outdoorsy vehicle known as the camper is now used by the Mafia as ____________________________.

5. In what class did the narrator's back row fakery defenses not work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What ironies does the narrator point out in the actuality of camper and van usage as opposed to the typical perceptions of the vehicles?

2. What scenario does the narrator imagine in which archaeologists discover television advertising and what are their perceptions of it?

3. How does the narrator speculate that the archaeologists might think the commercials are somehow religious media?

4. With what does the narrator credit the Johnson Smith catalog for being and how will it stand up as an American culture artifact?

5. Why do people find items such as those found in the Johnson Smith catalog to be humorous?

6. What has the NLGA done to try to counteract the negative perceptions of lemons?

7. Define a BNA and cite some supporting examples.

8. What prompts the narrator to think of the Johnson Smith catalog?

9. Describe how Mr. Leggett managed to drive The Happy Cow out of business.

10. What are the differences in driving styles between the Camper Crowd and van people?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the most striking characteristics of Shepherd's writing was his complete honesty. Explain why this is necessary to complete a book of this nature. Would a reader be able to see through fabrications and falsehoods in a book like this? Describe why this format is the perfect for Shepherd's personality.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the narrator's childhood growing up in a small town in Indiana in the 1930s. What was his family life like? Who were his friends? What were his school experiences? How did these people and experiences form him into the adult he would become?

Essay Topic 3

Humor takes on an almost human persona in this story. What is this literary technique called? Cite examples that support this position.

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