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Jean Shepherd
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What local landmark did the narrator see when returning to his hometown?
(a) Maid-Rite sandwich shop.
(b) Little League diamonds.
(c) Yankee soldier statue.
(d) Igloo ice cream parlor.

2. In what class did the narrator's back row fakery defenses not work?
(a) English.
(b) Algebra.
(c) Chemistry.
(d) History.

3. What is sprinkled throughout the catalog?
(a) 800 numbers.
(b) Jokes.
(c) Order forms.
(d) Testimonials.

4. What did the narrator's father do first when he came home from work?
(a) Got a beer.
(b) Kissed his wife.
(c) Took a nap.
(d) Took a shower.

5. For what type of firm did Howard work?
(a) Investment.
(b) Law.
(c) Public Relations.
(d) Accounting.

6. What was the title of the article that the narrator wrote for the GM magazine?
(a) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
(b) Convertible Days and Nights.
(c) Tire Tracks Across America.
(d) Lemons on the Grass, Alas.

7. What was the name of the General Motors magazine for which the narrator wrote an article?
(a) On the Move.
(b) Highways.
(c) Friends.
(d) Generalities.

8. For the most part, Camper people are _________________.
(a) History buffs.
(b) Former school teachers.
(c) Environmentalists.
(d) Unaware of other drivers.

9. According to the narrator, how do Van people drive?
(a) Very restrained.
(b) With abandon.
(c) Recklessly.
(d) Slowly.

10. Who was the owner of the Igloo ice cream shop?
(a) Mr. Levine.
(b) Mr. Hall.
(c) Mr. Larson.
(d) Mr. Leggett.

11. What is masked as a cigar in the catalog?
(a) A flashlight.
(b) A flask.
(c) A lighter.
(d) A kaleidoscope.

12. The narrator recalls sitting in a class taught by _______________.
(a) Miss Peterson.
(b) Mrs. Piedmont.
(c) Mr. Pittinger.
(d) Mr. Pearson.

13. What item in the catalog would appeal to the violent?
(a) Jump ropes.
(b) Chalk.
(c) Brass knuckles.
(d) Fake teeth.

14. What is the narrator's brother's name?
(a) Jimmy.
(b) Randy.
(c) Ray.
(d) Ricky.

15. What might the archaeologists think the car is used for in a Chevrolet commercial?
(a) A school.
(b) A residence.
(c) A cafe.
(d) A church.

Short Answer Questions

1. The archaeologists may think that Colonel Sanders is a ________________.

2. What happened to the narrator's middle school diploma?

3. Which animals stun the archaeologists in the commercials?

4. What fact learned in class does the narrator still use in cocktail party conversations?

5. How did the narrator manage to escape taking the final Algebra exam?

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