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Jean Shepherd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Whole Fun Catalog of 1929.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the boys when they are in search of clues?
(a) They fall out of a treehouse.
(b) They fall into a ravine.
(c) They get lost in a cave.
(d) They get struck by lightning.

2. What is the prize for the winning lodge?
(a) Bows and Arrows.
(b) Woodsman Award.
(c) Beaver Award.
(d) Tomahawk Trophy.

3. According to the narrator, Van people are ___________________.
(a) Soccer moms.
(b) Bearded hippies.
(c) Conformists.
(d) Teenagers.

4. Who finds the treasure hunt prize?
(a) Skunk.
(b) The narrator.
(c) Jake.
(d) Schwartz.

5. What item is marketed to both cyclists and ladies in the Johnson Smith catalog?
(a) Revolvers.
(b) Sunglasses.
(c) Picnic baskets.
(d) Pedal pushers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ironically, the happy, family, outdoorsy vehicle known as the camper is now used by the Mafia as ____________________________.

2. What is one of the "get rich quick" products in the catalog?

3. Two words likely to be found on the bumper stickers of vans are love and ____________.

4. The narrator finds that Van people and Camper people are all ________________.

5. Who emerges as the ne'er-do-well leader of the Beavers?

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