A Fistful of Fig Newtons Fun Activities

Jean Shepherd
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Margate Elephant Art

Do some research on the Margate Elephant in New Jersey and create a piece of art using whatever medium you are comfortable with--paint, clay, wood or digital.

Lincoln Tunnel

Do some research on the Lincoln Tunnel and create a PowerPoint presentation for the class to share what you learned about the engineers, the financiers, the workers, and the problems.

The Sopranos

Locate some episodes of the television show The Sopranos which was shot in New Jersey. Pay particular attention to the opening sequences which show landmarks with which the narrator would have been very familiar.

Jersey Shore Travelogue

Do some research on the New Jersey shore and its beaches and create a multimedia presentation to share with the class showing why this area is so popular.

Marcel Proust

Do some research on Marcel Proust to understand why the narrator recalled his need for blocking out...

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