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Short Answer Questions

1. Which words best describe Chapter 1 as a whole?

2. Which phrase describes Magritte's painting "The Key of Dreams"?

3. Which item would NOT fit the theme on pages 40 and 41?

4. Which statement is NOT true about viewing an image made in the past?

5. The author proposes that there is a gap between what two concepts?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give an example of how color news magazines are used to present the contrast by placement of the images.

2. Explain how the portrayal of women by European oil painters is a contradiction to their own work theory, as explained by the authors.

3. Why do color photographs make more effective publicity images than black and white photographs?

4. Describe the consequences of a society that generates feelings and assurances of the right to pursue happiness, but without its guarantee, as explained by Berger et al.

5. Explain how Rembrandt's two self-portraits, the first at age twenty-eight and the second at age fifty-eight, evolve to include content that is not conventionally found in traditional oil paintings of his time.

6. How is Ford Madox Brown's nineteenth century painting titled "The Pretty Baa Lambs" slightly humorous against the other images on pages 66 and 67?

7. According to the authors, how is a collector of art different than a collector of other things?

8. What do you think is the overall mood of the collection of images in Chapter 2 on pages 38 and 39?

9. What objects are common subjects for traditional oil paintings, and how are they conventionally depicted?

10. What is demonstrated about the visual arts in comparing the photograph of "Sarah Burge, 1883. Dr Barnardo's Homes", and the oil painting "Peasant Boy Leaning on Sill"?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Explain the psychology of publicity images and modern consumerism according to Berger et al. and compare that to the authors' explanation of the spectator-owner versus the spectator-buyer psychology associated with European oil paintings.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the difference between naked and nude while answering the following questions. What are some traditional definitions of naked and nude? What do Berger et al. propose as the difference between naked and nude? How are nudes really just objectified figures?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the development of the singular eye of perspective with the following three-part essay.

Part 1 - Explain Berger et al.'s metaphor of the lighthouse beacon.

Part 2 - Describe how the singular eye of perspective shapes the way viewers can see a sight.

Part 3 - Explain how the invention of the camera changed the singular eye of perspective, and describe its consequences on the art world.

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