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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do navigational instruments generally symbolize in a traditional oil painting?
(a) The position of the patrons' social and political status.
(b) Scientific endeavors.
(c) Merchandise lost at sea.
(d) Trade routes to acquire the riches of other nations.

2. What does Couture's painting "A Roman Feast" display?
(a) A voluptuous reclining woman.
(b) A full glass of wine and a festive party.
(c) The end of a war with a field of bodies.
(d) A full table of meat and bread.

3. What is the subject of Rembrandt's first self-portrait?
(a) Himself as a court jester.
(b) Himself and his first wife, Saskia.
(c) Himself and his faithful dog.
(d) Himself and a black bird.

4. Which words best describe the mood of the paintings on pages 66 and 67?
(a) Stern and powerful.
(b) Eerie and mystical.
(c) Serious and iconic.
(d) Light and fantastical.

5. What is evident when comparing the two images "Sarah Burge, 1883. Dr Barnardo's Homes" and " Peasant Boy Leaning on Sill"?
(a) The oil painting contains less realism than the photograph.
(b) The photograph portrays the subject in more clarity.
(c) The photograph captures motion better than the oil painting.
(d) The oil painting has more detail than the photograph.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is similar about all of the portraits on page 76?

2. What tends to be the central figure(s) in the images presented in Chapter 4 on pages 66 and 67?

3. What is most interesting about the two works from Courbet on pages 124 and 125?

4. What is visually similar about the paintings "Sarah Burge, 1883. Dr Barnardo's Homes" and " Peasant Boy Leaning on Sill"?

5. What is significant about the images presented on pages 120 and 121?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Courbet's two paintings, reproduced in Chapter 6 on facing pages 124 and 125, titled "Girl in White Stockings" and "Demoiselles au bord de la Seine" illustrate two distinct styles of his work?

2. What is in the Knoll Ball Room? Describe what it looks like.

3. What is demonstrated about the visual arts in comparing the photograph of "Sarah Burge, 1883. Dr Barnardo's Homes", and the oil painting "Peasant Boy Leaning on Sill"?

4. What objects are common subjects for traditional oil paintings, and how are they conventionally depicted?

5. Describe the painting "Europe supported by Africa and America" by William Blake, and propose the message the artist is sending through the work.

6. Explain how an oil painting depicts subjects differently than other art forms, as discussed by the authors.

7. Describe the images of death in Chapter 4 on pages 68 and 69, and name some of the specific paintings.

8. Chapter 5 begins with an oil painting showing several items contemporaneous with the Dutch school in 1665. Describe the painting and the objects it depicts.

9. Explain how the pairs of paintings and photographs in Chapter 6 on pages 126 and 127 complement each other.

10. According to the authors, how is a collector of art different than a collector of other things?

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