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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is a woman composed of two parts of one female identity, according to Berger et al.?
(a) Because she creates an identity for each part of her life.
(b) Because she continually sees and is seen by herself.
(c) Because she needs to feel wanted by others.
(d) Because she makes it a habit to look in the mirror.

2. What are images a record of?
(a) The object in present-day.
(b) The history of the subject.
(c) The way a sight was once seen.
(d) The memories of the image-creator.

3. In Chapter 2, pages 36 and 37, how are the women in the images viewed by men in the same images?
(a) The women are the focus of their attention.
(b) The women are serving the men.
(c) The women are generally ignored.
(d) The women are awkwardly posing for the men.

4. How do Berger et al. refer to a woman's dual role?
(a) Image and imaginary.
(b) Needs and wants.
(c) Seen and sight.
(d) Surveyor and surveyed.

5. What does the author use "The Key of Dreams" as an example of?
(a) The use of words with image.
(b) The use of bad titles.
(c) The use of poetry in image.
(d) The gap between words and image.

Short Answer Questions

1. What affect does a title have on a painting's meaning?

2. Who is meant to benefit from the focus of a nude painting?

3. What is the theme of pages 42 and 43?

4. Which item would NOT fit the theme on pages 40 and 41?

5. Most of the images on pages 40 and 41 are of what content?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Berger et al., how can the story of Adam and Eve explain the shamefulness associated with being naked?

2. Describe the general mood of the collection of images on pages 42 and 43.

3. How does the value of the original painting change after it has been reproduced many times?

4. Explain how the portrayal of women by European oil painters is a contradiction to their own work theory, as explained by the authors.

5. Explain how the women in the images are viewed by the men in the images on pages 36 and 37.

6. Explain how combining a variety of images to present a concept can be more powerful than using a single image.

7. How is a work of art from the past mystifying to the modern viewer?

8. What is similar in all of the images in Chapter 2 on pages 36 and 37?

9. Explain how the commission by Frans Hals could easily be misunderstood by the modern viewer.

10. Describe how Berger et al. interpret the image of a nude women gazing in a mirror.

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