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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author proposes that there is a gap between what two concepts?
(a) Words and poetry.
(b) Words and sight.
(c) Words and thought.
(d) Words and text.

2. According to Berger et al., how is a woman's social presence different than a man's?
(a) Her presence represents a woman's power over men.
(b) Her presence represents a man's desires.
(c) Her presence represents what a woman can do for a man.
(d) Her presence represents how a woman feels about herself and what may be done to her.

3. What does Kenneth Clark (not the authors) say about the concepts of naked and nude?
(a) That both naked and nude can be forms or art.
(b) That naked is any undressed object.
(c) That nude is a term used only for naked women.
(d) That nude is a form of art and naked is simply being without clothes.

4. Where is the figure in "Bathsheba" sitting?
(a) She is sitting to write a letter.
(b) She is sitting at the dinner table.
(c) The woman is sitting to have her feet washed.
(d) She is sitting at her bedside.

5. What is the theme of pages 42 and 43?
(a) A demonstration of objectifying women for publicity purposes.
(b) A demonstration of the right to free speech in the United States.
(c) A demonstration of corruption in a democratic society.
(d) A demonstration of the problems in modern art and culture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements is true, according to Berger?

2. What painting by Ruben is included in pages 42 and 43?

3. What metaphor do Berger et al. use to explain the single eye of perspective?

4. According to the authors, what is a woman's internal presence comprised of?

5. Magritte's painting is an example of what type of artwork?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how the single eye of perspective changes with the invention of the camera.

2. Describe the differences between the collection of images on pages 36 and 37, and the collection of images on pages 38 and 39.

3. What happens to the meaning of a painting when many reproductions are made?

4. Explain how the portrayal of women by European oil painters is a contradiction to their own work theory, as explained by the authors.

5. What is Berger's explanation for the difference between naked and nude?

6. What do you think is the overall mood of the collection of images in Chapter 2 on pages 38 and 39?

7. What is similar in all of the images in Chapter 2 on pages 36 and 37?

8. Explain how Cubism contradicts the single eye of perspective.

9. How is a work of art from the past mystifying to the modern viewer?

10. Describe how Magritte's painting "The Key of Dreams" is a commentary on the gap between words and image.

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