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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which statement best describes the Cubist style?
(a) It presents the visible from many eyes.
(b) It leads the spectator to the center of the artwork.
(c) It creates a perfect singular persective for the viewer,
(d) It demonstrates the capabilities of modern technology.

2. In pages 36 and 37, how is the female figure presented?
(a) Fully clothed.
(b) Nude.
(c) All in designer clothing.
(d) In make-up advertisements.

3. Why is a woman composed of two parts of one female identity, according to Berger et al.?
(a) Because she creates an identity for each part of her life.
(b) Because she makes it a habit to look in the mirror.
(c) Because she continually sees and is seen by herself.
(d) Because she needs to feel wanted by others.

4. In Chapter 2, what image is prominent on the first set of facing pages 36 and 37?
(a) A nude male.
(b) A female artist holding a paintbrush and wearing a smock.
(c) The number five.
(d) A large piece of raw meat.

5. In Chapter 2, what do facing pages 40 and 41 contain?
(a) Advertising slogans.
(b) Males viewing female nudes in oil paintings.
(c) Female nudes in oil paintings.
(d) Publicity images.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author use "The Key of Dreams" as an example of?

2. Why can every viewer see a painting in a different way?

3. What does the traditional depiction of Adam and Eve project as the perception of being naked?

4. What metaphor do Berger et al. use to explain the single eye of perspective?

5. Who is one of the first artists to break the tradition of objectifying women nudes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Berger et al. explain that there is a certain style of European oil painting that does not put the nakedness of a women as the center display, but rather puts the relationship of the woman and artist on display. What is considered provocative about these images?

2. What happens to the meaning of a painting when many reproductions are made?

3. What is the purpose of mixing images of foodstuffs with images of females in various stages of undress?

4. How does the value of the original painting change after it has been reproduced many times?

5. Describe the general mood of the collection of images on pages 42 and 43.

6. Explain how, according to the authors, a woman continually sees and is seen by herself as two parts of one female identity.

7. Describe how Magritte's painting "The Key of Dreams" is a commentary on the gap between words and image.

8. Explain how the portrayal of women by European oil painters is a contradiction to their own work theory, as explained by the authors.

9. Describe how men and women are different social presences, according to Berger et al.

10. Describe the combination of images present in Chapter 2 on pages 40 and 41.

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