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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What painting by Ruben is included in pages 42 and 43?
(a) "Bathsheba at Her Bath."
(b) "Abstract female nude."
(c) "Birds flying from haystack."
(d) "Judgement of Paris."

2. Most of the images on pages 40 and 41 are of what content?
(a) Political figures.
(b) Still lifes.
(c) Females in various stages of undress.
(d) Genre paintings.

3. According to the authors, what is a woman's internal presence comprised of?
(a) A perception of how she should act to be treated like she wants.
(b) A preception of what men like.
(c) An illusion of what she should be.
(d) An idea of what she looks like to a man.

4. Why does the author discuss the work of Frans Hals?
(a) Because he is a leading expert in historical artwork.
(b) Because his work is a good example of how art from the past is mystifying.
(c) Because he is a co-author in the book.
(d) Because his work shows how words can be used to define artwork.

5. What could be stated as the theme of pages 40 and 41?
(a) The heightened sensual and provocative essence of a woman.
(b) The enhanced wealth and power of political figures.
(c) The warmth and comfort associated with everyday events and occurrences.
(d) The loss of meaning in a world of black and white photography.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which is an example of a nude painting discussed by Berger et al.?

2. To what area is the single eye of perspective unique?

3. After reproductions are made, an original work of art is unique only in its what?

4. Magritte's painting is an example of what type of artwork?

5. What is a contradiction to the assumption that early European oil painters portrayed a level of humanism in their work?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how the single eye of perspective changes with the invention of the camera.

2. Describe the metaphor of the lighthouse and the single eye of perspective.

3. Explain how an image is a record of a sight.

4. How is a work of art from the past mystifying to the modern viewer?

5. What is Berger's explanation for the difference between naked and nude?

6. Describe the combination of images present in Chapter 2 on pages 40 and 41.

7. Explain how the commission by Frans Hals could easily be misunderstood by the modern viewer.

8. Explain how Cubism contradicts the single eye of perspective.

9. Describe how men and women are different social presences, according to Berger et al.

10. What happens to the meaning of a painting when many reproductions are made?

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