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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the appearance of the figures in pages 72 to 73?
(a) Idealistic nudes.
(b) Ornamentally dressed females.
(c) Prominent figures dressed according to their time period.
(d) Stern portraits.

2. What is similar about all of the women in the images on pages 36 and 37?
(a) They are all the focus of men in the images.
(b) They are all celebrities.
(c) They are all ignoring the camera and viewer.
(d) They are all cleaning.

3. Which of the following is the title of a painting on pages 72 and 73?
(a) "Unearthly."
(b) "Venus and Mars."
(c) "The Princess of Russia."
(d) "President Washington Age 40."

4. From what time period are the images on pages 120 and 121?
(a) The nineteenth century.
(b) Early twenty-first century.
(c) Late twentieth century.
(d) The sixteenth century.

5. How do Berger et al. describe Rembrandt's first self-portrait?
(a) A heartless advertisement.
(b) A lost conclusion.
(c) A soulful reflection.
(d) An empty shell.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Berger et al., why does ordinary life have more meaning when recorded on a canvas?

2. Until approximately what date does the period of traditional oil painting run through?

3. According to Berger et al., what social presence does a man command?

4. What do Berger et al. say about the portrayal of naked women in early European oil paintings?

5. Who is one of the first artists to break the tradition of objectifying women nudes?

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