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Nhat Hanh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fourth nutriment?
(a) Consciousness.
(b) Real food.
(c) Meditation.
(d) Right Speaking.

2. The Buddha said, "The moment you know how your suffering came to be, you are already _________________."
(a) Passing your suffering on to others.
(b) On the path of release from it.
(c) Ignoring it.
(d) Gaining more suffering.

3. Right Diligence or Effort involves what?
(a) Watching the behavior of others.
(b) Preventing unwholesome seeds and returning them, finding ways to water and nourish the wholesome seeds that have already risen.
(c) Focusing on Right Thinking.
(d) Acting appropriately.

4. Hanh suggests reframing the four Noble Truths, replacing "cessation" with what?
(a) Well-being.
(b) Ending.
(c) Beginning.
(d) Stopping.

5. What is the second Miracle of Mindfulness?
(a) To make a present.
(b) To be present.
(c) To make others present.
(d) To understand the present.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does seeing the cause of our suffering do to our suffering?

2. What concentration aims at complete liberation?

3. Buddha suggests we replace unwholesome thoughts how?

4. Conscious breathing is an important link between what?

5. "_______________ is at the heart of Buddha's teachings."

Short Essay Questions

1. How can one avoid unwholesome thoughts? How can one touch the seeds of joy and peace and transform our suffering?

2. Why does Siddhartha Gutama sit under a bodhi tree? What happens while he is sitting here?

3. What is the practice of the Five Mindfulness Trainings?

4. What is Right Diligence or Effort?

5. What are the four nutriments? Describe these nutriments.

6. How can one find conditions for happiness that are already available?

7. What is a misunderstanding about suffering?

8. What is selective concentration?

9. What are two of the Miracles of Mindfulness? What is the importance of the first four Miracles of Mindfulness?

10. What leads to the path of Right Action?

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