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Nhat Hanh
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the third turning?
(a) Realization.
(b) Ignorance.
(c) Acceptance.
(d) Encouragement.

2. Generosity, sharing, cultivating love and kindness, and living simply, taking no more than our share, is what?
(a) Right Thinking.
(b) Right Diligence.
(c) Right Action.
(d) Right Concentration.

3. Non-thinking allows us to enter reality __________.
(a) Partially.
(b) Fully.
(c) Almost completely.
(d) Slightly.

4. Speaking each person's individual language, like Bodhisattva, or writing a letter using Right speech, can do what?
(a) Benefit the sender.
(b) Benefit no one.
(c) Benefit sender and receiver.
(d) Benefit the receiver.

5. We can learn calming by recognition, acceptance, ________________, looking deeply and insight.
(a) Ignorance.
(b) Introspection.
(c) Embracing.
(d) Intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Are suffering and joy both impermanent?

2. Hanh explains that Buddha was a man who suffered, and that we can enter his heart now only because we ______________.

3. In the second turning we encourage ourselves to do what?

4. Buddha claimed to have gone to the end of the path of suffering and gained what?

5. We are always giving our attention to something, and it often does what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is suffering?

2. Describe the third turning of the wheel of Dharma.

3. What does Buddha think of perception?

4. What comprises Buddhism?

5. What is the practice of the Five Mindfulness Trainings?

6. What does Hahn suggest we do about our habit energies?

7. What are two of the Miracles of Mindfulness? What is the importance of the first four Miracles of Mindfulness?

8. What is the Fourth Noble Truth?

9. What is used to understand the Four Noble Truths?

10. What is important about being in the present moment?

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