The Concept of Law Character Descriptions

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H. L. A. Hart

This person was a professor of legal and moral philosophy at Oxford, was a barrister, and worked for British intelligence during World War II.

Ronald Dworkin

This person was born in 1931 and held dual professorships at University College London and New York University, and rejects positivism in the law.

John Austin

This person was a 19th century British jurist who maintained a theory of law as a command of the sovereign, and was backed by a threat of punishment.

Hans Kelsen

This person was an Austrian American jurist and legal philosopher, as well as a legal positivist.

Joseph Raz and Penelope Bulloch

These people edited the postscript by the author.

Peter Cane, Tony Honore, and Jane Stapleton

These people edited the book as a whole.

Private Citizens

These people keep rules in existence by following them and recognizing them from an internal perspective.


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