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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee teach consists of hand to hand contact measures that enable one opponent to do combat with another?

2. A fighter's ability to _____, Lee says, creates openings for _____.

3. How many steps does Lee give for throwing one's opponent to the ground?

4. What position does Lee prefer, because it is an area of weakness for most people?

5. What is the fragment of time within a cadence that is most suitable for effective action?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the author believe Jeet Kune Do is an art?

2. What type of pressure does Lee imply is used in envelopment?

3. Based on the teachings in Chapter 6, what do you think is the best strategy for getting an opponent off balance?

4. What might a fight look like where two fighters have different fighting measures?

5. In Chapter 6, Lee says that footwork is better than using arms to avoid kicks or blows. Why does he emphasize footwork?

6. Why might compassion, as Lee claims, be a better guard against injustice than justice?

7. Who helped Lee in the writing and publication of his book?

8. Why does Lee call Western boxing over-daring?

9. What benefit does Lee say a fighter has in taking a low-line position?

10. Attack on preparation stops an opponent before the plan is matured. Does this attack requires physical training, mental training or both?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Lee offers a detailed training regimen for Jeet Kune Do students in the text.

Part 1) How might one look at training so it becomes more than just doing a series of exercises?

Part 2) How do you think Lee devised his training plan?

Essay Topic 2

Why is strength from weight training alone inadequate? How does Lee propose one develop physical strength? How does one develop spiritual strength?

Essay Topic 3

Lee identifies six diseases that are proposed as desires. He says they are attachments.

Part 1) Why does Lee consider attachments diseases?

Part 2) Which of the diseases he describes do you feel is most prevalent today?

Part 3) What might Lee suggest to diffuse the problem you have described?

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