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Short Answer Questions

1. What object does Lee describe that has no ego, thoughts, or grasp?

2. What type of adjustment is acquired by practicing new tasks?

3. What can the fighter use to cause his opponent to try to slow down to insure the success of a strike?

4. What term does Lee use to describe evidence of poor readiness?

5. What does Lee claim is the greatest hindrance to proper physical action?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might Lee recommend imagining simple moves to counter an attacking opponent?

2. Do fighters in Jeet Kune Do need to be the same height and weight?

3. A moon seen under the waves is proposed as an example of moving and not moving. What would be another example of moving and not moving?

4. Why does Lee instruct that a lead hook be used carefully?

5. Why does Lee say body feel important to develop in kicking?

6. What are some qualities of a Jeet Kune Do fighter?

7. Why does Lee call Western boxing over-daring?

8. Why does Lee mention tools of judo and ju-jitsu in Chapter 4?

9. Who helped Lee in the writing and publication of his book?

10. Why does Lee suggest a wooden doll has no ego?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose a sport, not related to any martial art. Explain how the teachings of Jeet Kune Do could be applied to this sport. How would it help athletes physically and mentally?

Essay Topic 2

Lee identifies six diseases that are proposed as desires. He says they are attachments.

Part 1) Why does Lee consider attachments diseases?

Part 2) Which of the diseases he describes do you feel is most prevalent today?

Part 3) What might Lee suggest to diffuse the problem you have described?

Essay Topic 3

What is the difference between "being" and "doing?" Which one does Jeet Kune Do focus on? Include examples from the text.

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