Tao of Jeet Kune Do Character Descriptions

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Bruce Lee

This person pursues a quest for personal expression and self-knowledge through Jeet Kune Do. Later in life, this person writes a book about the experience.

Linda Lee

This person finds an editor and assists in completing the book, Jeet Kune Do.

Gilbert L. Johnson

As an editor, this person helps draw together the author's scattered ideas into cohesive blocks for publication.

Danny Insanto

This martial arts instructor and colleague helps the editor turn the main character's theories into action with their knowledge.

Martial Artist

This is a person who takes a path of training that develops the human spirit.

The Opponent

This person faces a fighter in a Jeet Kune Do match.

The Fighter

This person can be considered either mechanical or intellectual in a Jeet Kune Do match.

The Athlete

With training and skill, this person performs easily with minimal opposed tension in the body...

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