Tao of Jeet Kune Do Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• The Zen concept of enlightenment is applied to the martial artist.
• The path of the artist requires one to expand and let go.
• Jeet Kune Do allows one to master his or her will.
• Lee believes classical techniques limit creativity and freedom.


• Lee outlines a fitness plan for training that emphasizes both psychological and physiological conditioning.
• Warm up exercises are described to rehearse skills, raise body temperature and prevent injuries.
• Lee details on-guard position, the foundation for other movements in Jeet Kune Do.
• Positions are illustrated to show proper stance, posture, target areas and movements.


• Coordination, strength, endurance and balance are qualities the athlete must cultivate.
• A skilled athlete learns to relax the body but not the mind.
• Understanding speed and time allow the fighter to break the combat rhythm with effective attacks and counter-attacks.


• Lee compares Western boxing to Eastern martial arts.
• A...

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