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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of the atmosphere has George been reading about?
(a) The ionosphere.
(b) The clouds.
(c) The cornea.
(d) The stratosphere.

2. What do they feel is the major difference between the two birds?
(a) They live on different continents.
(b) There are different degrees of self-respect.
(c) They are in different color families.
(d) They are different sizes.

3. George claims the balance of nature is dependent upon what?
(a) Naturalist conservators.
(b) A professional spectator sport.
(c) Sunspots.
(d) Hurricanes.

4. What, according to George, is the Law of Life?
(a) Treat others as you would like to be treated.
(b) Make new friends, but keep the old.
(c) A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
(d) Some must die so that others can live.

5. How much land, according to George, is needed to hunt ducks?
(a) At least ten miles.
(b) At least fifty yards.
(c) At least a mile.
(d) At least twenty acres.

6. Why do George and Emil enjoy going to the park?
(a) They feel in touch with nature and each other.
(b) They hate ducks, and there are no ducks in the park.
(c) They are often given free things from passerby.
(d) They enjoy the company of the other people they meet at the park.

7. Where has George read about the balance of nature and major league sports?
(a) Reader's Digest.
(b) The New York Times.
(c) An online blogger.
(d) The Chicago Tribune.

8. Being a loner in the world is not George's what?
(a) Tune to whistle.
(b) Bag of tea.
(c) Destiny.
(d) Ball of wax.

9. Upon the duck's death, what law does George mention?
(a) The Right to Remain Silent.
(b) The Pythagorean Theory.
(c) The Law of Life.
(d) The Fourteenth Amendment.

10. According to George, life is what?
(a) Life is a curse.
(b) Life is extremely difficult all the time.
(c) Life is simpler than people think.
(d) Life is pointless.

11. What item on the boat does Emil mistake for a woman?
(a) A water pump hose.
(b) A sail.
(c) A tool bag.
(d) A poster on the bow.

12. What group of people used to watch birds all day, according to Emil?
(a) The Ancient Greeks.
(b) The Babylonians.
(c) The Ancient Egyptians.
(d) The Mesopotamians.

13. What does Emil think the old men of the Ancient Greeks were incapable of doing?
(a) Hunting.
(b) Drawing.
(c) Appreciating ducks.
(d) Working.

14. Where do you think George and Emil live?
(a) In a boat.
(b) In the country.
(c) On the coastline.
(d) In a city.

15. What does Emil claim is happening to fish in Australia?
(a) They are migrating north.
(b) They are growing lungs and crawling out of the water.
(c) They are changing color.
(d) They are going blind from lack of sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a blatter?

2. What animal used to be at the other zoo, but died?

3. While debating the importance of a zoo, George asks whether children should stay home and only know what about animals?

4. George takes no issue with people spending money on what?

5. What do George and Emil think of the world?

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